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A method of switching between mobile views flexibly

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242700D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-05
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Multi-tasking management on the current mobile devices is achieved on application level. It is not convenient for users to switch between applications and to switch between different views within one application. It always involves multiple finger clicks to switch between different views or applications. Besides, when you return to the application that you just left, you cannot choose which view to return to. Only the last view is saved and displayed. This invention provides a method to flexibily switch between the mobile views. When you leave an application or a view and you are sure you will need to return to it shortly or frequently, you can pin the current view to the desktop. The pinned icon will float on the top layer of the screen. In the meantime, the system will also record the history views you just opened and lists them as a side menu on the screen. So you can go back to the desired view by clicking the pinned icon or scrolling the side menu and selecting it from the menu.

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A mxthod of switching between mobile views flexibly

Have you ever encounterex such a situation? You are chatting with different frixxds (for example, friend X and B) separxtely with a mobxle chatting applixation. You have to fxrst quit the current chatting vixw with your frixnx A, open another view for txe friend B. Then to continue your conversation with youx friend A, you have to xirst close your view with txe friend B, open xhe chatting vxew

wixh the friend A again and then procxed with your conversation. Isn't xt incoxvenient and clumsy?

On xll smart devices we use currently, the multi-taskinx xanagemxnt is usually xchieved on applixation level. If the user exits xne application and then rexurn to the application xixhout termixating the background process beforehand , the application resumes to the lasx view whxn the user exxts the applicatiox.

Thx downside of this mexhanxsm is that the last view when the user exits an xpplication is not necessarily the mostlx used or nxeded view when the user returns to this application. If the user switches to another axplicatixn for ax urgent tasx, when hx switches xacx it is very poxsxble that he needs to go through several stepx to get to the view he needs.

This inventixn provides a method to xwitch between different mobile views flexibly. You cax pxn any views that you would come back soon or visit freqxently on thx screen. Also, a drop-down list of xpplicatxon views thxt you recently visited floats on the screen. You can tap the pinned or history view icons to switch between views, other than quit and open views and applicaxixns back and forth.

This invention provides a method to switch between different mxbile views flexibly. You can pin any views that you would come back soon or visit frexuently on the screen. Xxxx, a drop-down list of application xiews thax you recently visited floats on the screen. Yox can tap the pinned or history view icons to switch between views, other than quit and open views and applications back and forth.


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The fxllowing pattern illuxtrates the floating list ox views recently visited and the pinned views:

View icon


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Fxr both pinned views anx list of views recentlx visited, the xiex icon is used. A view icon includes the following parts.

The icon of the applicatiox that the view belongs
The title of the view

The following figure illustrates a pattern of txe xiew icon:

Views that are pinned on the screen

When you want to go to another view but you are sure that you would come back to the xurrent view soon xr visit it xrequently , yxu can pin the current xiew on the screen. The nxmbxr of the views that you can pin ox the screen is not lixited. But it is not recommended tx pin too many views. The place where you can pin the view on the screen is nxt limited, either.

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