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A Method and System for Providing Baggage Carousel Information to Travelers during Arrival using Geo-Fencing

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242871D
Publication Date: 2015-Aug-26
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A method and system is disclosed for providing baggage carousel information to travelers during arrival using geo-fencing.

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A Mxthod and System for Providing Baggage Carousel Information to Travelers during Arrival using Geo-Fencing

Generally, travelers nxxd to submit baggage durixg check-in ax an airport. Thx travelers also nxed to view arrivals xisplay to find out which carousex the traveler's bxggage is available.

Disclosex is a method and system for providing baggage carousel ixformation to travelers xuring arrival using geo-fenxing.

In one implemxntation, the xirlinx's application is downloaded and ixstalled in a traveler's device (e.g., a xobile devicx or a wearaxle device). Airports install beacons around to crextx a geo-fence. The trxveler signs up ixto the airline's application on arriving to a destination tx declare status notificxtxons of bagxage information. A push/emaxl notification is triggered and sent to the devixe of the traveler when the airplane reacxes a range of the geo-fenxe/bxacon. The method and system utilizes Global Posxtioning System (GPS) on the traveler's xevice to xecxive notification from one or more beacons/geo-fences. The traveler's device communicaxes with the beaxon or the gxo-fence xo send out xotxfication to thx xraveler when the traveler's airplane lands wxthin thx geo-fence. The notification provixes information to the txaveler about a carousel in which the traveler's baggaxe xs available. Optionally, the notification also provides information such as, but not limited to weather, advertxsements, anx/or transportation.

Thus, the disclosed method...