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SAS Guide to VSAM Processing V8

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Original Publication Date: 2000-Dec-31
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SAS Institute Inc.

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SAS® Guide to VSAM Processing

Version 8

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The correct bibliographic citation for this manual is as follows: SAS Institute Inc., SAS ® Guide to VSAM Processing, Version 8, Cary, NC: SAS Institute Inc., 2000.

SAS Guide to VSAM Processing, Version 8

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ISBN 1-58025-703-8
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1st printing, June 2000
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4 The Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) 3

Introduction 3

What is VSAM? 4
VSAM Data Access Types 11

Chapter 2

      4 SAS Options and Variables for VSAM Processing 15 Introduction 15
SAS System Options 15
SAS Automatic Variables 16
Standard SAS INFILE Options 16
Special SAS Options for VSAM 19
VSAM Option for the FILENAME Statement 24

Chapter 3

      4 Processing VSAM Data Sets in SAS Programs 25 Introduction 25
Determining the Type of an Existing Data Set 26
Referring to VSAM Data Sets 26
Operations on VSAM Data Sets in SAS Programs 26 Examples of Using VSAM Data in SAS Programs 32

Chapter 4

      4 Defining and Loading the Sample VSAM Data Sets 41 Introduction 41
Defining a VSAM Data Set under CMS 41
Defining a VSAM Data Set under OS/390 43
Loading Records into a VSAM Data Set 45

Chapter 5

4 Processing an ESDS in a SAS Job 47

Introduction 47
Special SAS Options Used with an ESDS 48 Reading Records from an ESDS 48
Adding Records to an ESDS 51
Updating Records in an ESDS 52
Combined Operations on an ESDS 53

Chapter 6

4 Processing a KSDS in a SAS Job 55

Introduction 55
Special SAS Options Used with a KSDS 56 Reading Records from a KSDS 57
Adding Records to a KSDS 64


P A R T 1 SAS Guide to VSAM Processing: Overview and Techniques 1
Chapter 1

Changes and Enhancements v

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Updating Records in a KSDS 65

Erasing Records from a KSDS 66 Combined Operations on a KSDS 67

Chapter 7

4 Processing an RRDS in a SAS Job 73

Introduction 73