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Application For Identifying Missing Persons

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243773D
Publication Date: 2015-Oct-16
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Method for finding the missing persons using an application in Google Glass which comprises of uploading the missing person photo posted in a pamphlet or poster into cloud. When the real missing person is found to other google glass user, it notifies that user with contact details by comparing against entries in cloud.

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Application For Identifying Missing Persons

Disclosed is a method for identifying the missing persons using google glass

• When a person is missing, the people who want that person to be back, would give their contact details and information about missing person like,

- Race, color, tattoos, Height, Languages known etc..,

Also with appropriate proofs about their relationship with the person, and that will be validated by concerned team and is publicly stored in cloud.

• Proposed is a new application in wearable smart glass (say Google Glass).

When a person wearing a smart glass sees a pamphlet or poster with missing quote on it, the glass will update the information on that poster to concerned team over cloud and after validation this will be made public in the cloud.

• The information over the cloud will be indexed based on attributes of missing persons like Race, Color, tattoos, Height, Languages known etc..,
• Also the app will monitor all the people that it sees in visionary and compares them against the missing people entries in cloud based on attributes like Race, color, tattoos, Height, Languages known etc.., when the real missing person is found to any google glass user it will alert that wearable smart glass user immediately with the persons' missing picture and the contact details of concerned people. This greatly improves the chances of finding the missing person.

- Anyone who would like to help finding the missing person will turn on this feat...