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Automatically pursuing work items within a software development lifecycle management environment

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000243982D
Publication Date: 2015-Nov-03
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Application for automatically pursuing work items through the use of text analytics, as an extension for software development lifecycle management environments.

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Automatically pursuing work items within a software development lifecycle management environment

Disclosed is an application for automatically pursuing single or multiple work items

within a software development lifecycle management environment. It is not currently possible to follow up the status of itemised work, without individual manual

comments or contacting the person responsible. This becomes time consuming

when dealing with several items of work at once, which negatively affects project

management productivity. This application utilises text analytics, after some user input adjustment, to automatically follow up work items as required.

    This application acts as an extension to a software development lifecycle management environment and provides a "Follow-up/Chase/Progress" option/button for work items.

    For example, an engineer testing a product would like to remind the owner of a defect that the associated fix is due to be in a code build by a certain date. When they use this extension, a notification is sent to the owner explaining this work item needs attention. The application groups work items together, to allow users to send notifications to work item owners of multiple work items, but through only a single action. It is disadvantageous for any user to receive multiple notifications at one time, therefore the button becomes unavailable for a short period of time after it was used. As well as sending notifications after user input, text analytics is used to analyse existing comments or plans for work item completion. For example, should a

work item have a Plan field set to "Joe Bloggs to look at by COB YYMMDD", the application uses text analytics to recognise that the work item should...