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Publication Date: 2015-Dec-01
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Park bake adjustment is a difficult process involving lots of variables. The usual customer complaint is that the Park Brake is not holding well on incline. The parking brake has to function effectively, without noise, and without rear brake drag. The cost of parking brake repairswere extremely large with lot of impacts in "Things gone wrong". Tension in the parking brake cable outside of the ideal range results in poor performance which leads to repairs and a loss of customer satisfaction. The goal of the distance based process is to improve the robustness of the parking brake process in order to reduce warranty & TGWs. The new process was based on running the nut down a certain distance instead of a fixed torque. The first picture below is the current process map with a usual torque based process and the second picture is a plot of distance based approach to adjustment.

A current process of adjustment

In the new process instead of a torque, the adjustment nut is run down a certain distance from the top of the bolt. In this particular case the distance was found as 21.6mm. It was found from the data at this distance, that the torque requirements were met. This gave robustness to the concept of holding the car on the hill and also to the customer.

A distance based process for adjustment

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