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Smart Application For Alerting People Waiting Outside The Multiple Counters At An Office Of Their Turn Of Appointment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244724D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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Disclosed is a application to reduce the complexity & difficulty involved during waiting period outside counters at an office in the existing system such as at Passport office, Bank office, Hospitals etc.

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Smart Application For Alerting People Waiting Outside The Multiple Counters At An Office Of Their Turn Of Appointment

In the existing systems, token number is given to the customer either by automatic token receipt dispensing machine or by an office employee at the entrance of the office & then the customer has to wait holding this token number at the waiting hall till his/her turn comes up.

For example, take an example of Passport office where we have to wait nearly 3 hours to complete verification process of our original documents.

In this 3 hours, our personal records will be verified at 3 different counters & by 3 different Passport office employees.

Assume there are 3 different counter halls (say Hall_A, HALL_B, HALL_C) & each hall consists of nearly 25 counters.

These 25 counters are named A1 to A25 in Hall_A, B1 to B25 in HALL_B, & C1 to C25 in HALL_C.

A person who enters the passport office will get a token number & he has to initially sit outside in the waiting lobby in front of HALL_A & has to look at the display screen which is present outside the HALL_A to know about his token number turn & on which counter to go.

He has to spend around 30 to 45 minutes in this waiting hall & in this time, he has to watch the display screen carefully to know about his token number turn.

This process of watching the display is painful because we have to keep our head turned to the direction of the display screen from where we are sitting.

So, for people who are having neck pain & spondylitis will find it difficult to watch the display screen for this period of time.

Even it is difficult for people with eyesight problem & having other migraine problems to watch the display screen continuously.

Even the electricity consumed by electronic display screen & investment on display screen is unnecessary waste in the existing system because there are no smart way of alerting the waiting people with token number.

A waiting person can't make use of this waiting period time in useful & productive work because he has to monitor the display.

In the known solutions, an office employee can announce on the microphone about the token number & about the counter information but his voice accent could be difficult to understand & some people having deafness can't hear him properly.

Also, if he has to announce information about 4 to 5 counters at a time then he may take time to announce it & the counter operator has to unnecessarily wait for this amount of time.


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Multiple employee can't announce on different microphone because that may disturb each other announcements & people waiting outside may not understand multiple announcements happening at the same time.

Also, the waiting person has to take care of his token number receipt & he has to remember his token number during this waiting period or has to frequently look at his token receipt to recollect his token number.

The proposal disclosed here is to have 3 different versions of the applica...