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Drag & Drop URL's/links in ST Disclosure Number: IPCOM000244728D
Publication Date: 2016-Jan-06
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We have many components which we use while using the computer system. Hence if we can have the feasibility of dragging and dropping of Videos, excel sheets, attachments and documents etc. from different location of the system to different messenger users (Like Same time, Yahoo messenger) in the different chat windows of the messenger. Which is easy to use and also user friendly and furthermore it will save our time and also make our life much more easier in order to share any data from any location of our computer system (PC).

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Drag & Drop URL's/links in ST

We do not have to toggle between many screen and navigation can be minimized. No need of searching for source file every time you try to share the link or file with another user on Sametime. It is user-friendly functionality.

Until now, we always had the trouble in sharing the URL's/Links with another user through Sametime. In fact, we had to take sometime to make sure if we are attaching the right file or URL while sharing. In order to make things easier to be accessible by every user on Sametime, this functionality would help you to reduce the effort that you are putting in to share such type of files/URL's.

     From now onwards, I would like to introduce a new feature that would help to drag&drop a particular file/URL from one Sametime to another Sametime. It is very user-friendly functionality and efficient.

I want a drag & drop feature in Sametime, where we can share the respective file/URL with another user on Sametime. For suppose, in the below screen shot I need to copy the link if I wanted to share the same with other user. So, I suggest to just make a drag & drop to another Sametime user.

The below screen shot would show you on how we can drag a link, be it file/URL and drop it to the users Sametime to whom you want to share the same. This would obviously save time that you are investing to share it.


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