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Publication Date: 2016-Jan-07
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As is known, tires need to be changed upon certain level of tire wear in order to avoid potential risks. Yet sometimes people do not change the tire in a timely manner because some people do not check tires regularly due to inconvenience or they just tend to forget to check tire conditions. Therefore clear indicators to tell when it's necessary to change tires are desired.


Herein, a design as well as a method is advantageously proposed to help remind the customers to change tires without requiring one to actually observe the appearance of the tire occasionally. In this proposal, one or several kinds of hard materials may be adopted to produce noise when it touches road surface so as to remind drivers to change tires. Hard material, plastic-PC/ABS or metal may be inserted or built into tire grooves around the tire. When a tire wears too much at least at a certain area and should get changed, the hard material will appear and touch the road surface to produce irregular noises when the car is running.

As an example, three metal plates are installed in tires as noise resources. The three metal plates are evenly inserted into the groove around the tire, and as is shown in the following figure they are evenly spaced from each other with an angle of 120 degrees. It should be understood that the layout is only exemplary and may vary according to different requirements.


Subjective assessment: It's carried out by A, B, C, D four groups of volunteers based on the same model and each of them has correctly judged the irregular noise produced by above mentioned new design with metal plate inserted into the groove of the wheel.

Correctly Judged


Volunteer A1 Y Volunteer B1 Y Volunteer C1 Y

Volunteer A2 Y Volunteer B2 Y Volunteer C2 Y

Volunteer A3 Y Volunteer B3 Y Volunteer C3 Y

Volunteer A4 Y Volunteer B4 Y Volunteer C4 Y

Volunteer A5 Y Volunteer B5 Y Volunteer C5 Y

Volunteer A6 Y Volunteer B6 Y Volunteer C6 Y

Objective assessment: The test was performed via LMS data-acquisition followed r...