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Charging Method for Smart Shopping Carts

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000245251D
Publication Date: 2016-Feb-22
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Disclosed is a two-part method to charge the computer tablets in smart shopping carts. The method uses electric generator coils in wheels of the cart to produce energy to charge the tablets, and uses a wireless charging technique to charge the smart shopping cart with inductive energy.

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Charging Method for Smart Shopping Carts

When a customer in a brick-and-mortar store is using a shopping cart with a tablet for assistance (i.e. a smart shopping cart), the shopping must be completed before the battery goes dead. A method is needed to charge the battery of a tablet associated with a shopping cart.

The novel contribution is a method to charge a smart shopping cart using the wheels. Each wheel contains an electric generator coil. While the user is pushing the cart, the smart shopping cart receives an electric charge.

Figure 1: Electric generator coil in the wheel of the shopping cart

A second novel method uses a wireless charging technique to charge the smart shopping cart with inductive energy. The system is housed below the cart basket and is associated with a wireless charging area in the floor of the cart return area . This section is connected to a battery bank, which receives the energy via a photovoltaic plank, which promotes a green energy solution.

Figure 2: Smart shopping cart and charging components


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Figure 3: Battery bank in the cart return area

This method maintains the charge of tablets in smart shopping carts and thus improves the customer experience of assisted shopping. In addition, the solution utilizes green energy, which is environmentally friendly.


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