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How To Remove A File In Minor Upgrade

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000246300D
Publication Date: 2016-May-25
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Kajal Kumar Biswas: AUTHOR [+2]


A way to remove files/resouces during a minor or slipstream upgrade without violating any minor upgrade rules

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                                                                                                May 24, 2016

How To Remove A File In Minor Upgrade                       

Authors:  Kajal Kumar Biswas,  Pervez Rehman

1.    Abstract: 

A way to remove files/resouces during a minor or slipstream upgrade without violating any minor upgrade rules.

2.    Detailed Description

The problem was to remove the MSXML 4 runtime DLLS from an installer such that they do not get installed on the machine along with thea application. MSXML 4 dlls has got security loop holes and were vulnerable. Due to which it made our application also insecure.

Removing the xml components was the only way. But we were already past the R1 release and were in the minor upgrade mode. And in a minor update it clearly says we cannot remove components during a minor upgrade phase else upgrade will not work in case of patches.

As a solution, we found out there were 5 MSXML 4.0 components getting installed. And then we used the MsiSetComponentState API to disable the state the components being installed. Once the components were disabled during installation, the msxml files did not get copied.

Also, as these components were marked as key paths (in windows installer lingo) there was a very solid chance that self heal might start.

Hence we disabled the self heal for this components by removing the keypaths.

Thus in a slipstream or minor upgrade we simulated the removal mechanism of files and satisfied all the minor upgrade rules. And also this made the application/installer away from the security loop holes of the 4 runtime files.