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Personalized service place and item recommendation for a group of customers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247102D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-05
Document File: 8 page(s) / 274K

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A method and system for personalized service place and item recommendation for a group of customers. It involves 1) automatic candidate service places list generation by: Compact and high coverage client clique computing via maximal-minimal clique decomposition, As-a-whole profile extraction for client clique, Virtual client visit generation by nearest search in historical visit records, Small client clique generation from bigger and peer ones. 2)Automatic final service place and item decision making by Iterative decision making by using the collective response from the participants, The iteration is integrated with the preference inference procedure as described in the first bullet.

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Personalized service place and item recommendation for a group of customers

KNN: Top K nearest nei ghbor.

Facts & val ue f or karaoke t el evi si on progra m

Offli ne, karaoke t el evi si on sit es are very popul ar especi all y i n East Asi a, and i s hi gh frequency servi ce

- Onli ne, karaoke t el evi si on mobil e app and ot her soft ware are preval ent, whi ch coll ect many users


    - The fi nal deci si on can be made by aut o mati call y and it erati vel y maki ng a match t hat i nvol ve all persons f or coll ecti ve deci si on maki ng
Approach su mmary

- -

si ngi ng records

    - Oli ne t o offli ne karaoke t el evi si on syst e m, coll ect more user rel evant dat a f or ot her purpose Fact f or di nner pl ace


    - Nat ural connecti on t o healt hcare and personal cogniti ve assi st ant Servi ce t hat call f or onsit e vi sit and consu mpti on, such as t he above exa mpl es


      karaoke t el evi si on, Rest aurant f or f ood
Key i dea: an aut o mati c servi ce pl ace and it e m reco mmender engi ne f or coll ecti on of persons


Peopl e need soci al engage ment f or busi ness meeti ng, f or personal pl easure

- Havi ng di nner t oget her i s an i mport ant way of soci al engage ment

- Havi ng di nner t hus oft en i nvol ves many peopl e rat her t han a si ngl e one

- Thi s i s hi gh-frequency, and many of t hese di nners are hi gh-val ue i n money

Locati ons of t he i nvol ved persons

- Food/ Musi c pref erence of t he i nvol ved persons

- N-order cli que pref erence f or f oods/ musi c i. e. it e ms

- Topi c/ purpose of t he di nner/karaoke t el evi si on progra m

Reco mmend a


- Make a match by usi ng t he response fro m multi pl e persons

li st of


servi ce pl aces and it e ms by i ncorporati ng t he above f act ors


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