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Method and System for Collecting, Aggregating, and Processing Usage Metrics in a System of Containers

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247264D
Publication Date: 2016-Aug-18
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Disclosed is a method and system for collecting, aggregating, and processing usage metrics in a system of containers

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Method and System for Collecting, Aggregating, and Processing Usage Metrics in a System of Containers

A container is a logical sub-division of the storage resources available within a vault, such that each container can have different quotas, utilization, requester access controls, associated billing accounts, and other requester-focused policies and controls.

To determine usage necessary for billing, usage metrics must be collected. Usage metrics include:

 Byte hours of data stored over a given time period

 Throughput consumed by reads and writes

 Number of access operations performed

Collection and aggregation of these statistics is performed by a Metrics Controller Service (MCS). The MCS is comprised of a set of independent modules that each perform at least one specific task, and in aggregate yield the usage metrics for each container and tenant.

The MCS includes a Log Collection Agent that stores records of each data access received and processed by a DS processing unit. The MCS also includes a Log Offload Agent that optionally compresses locally stored log files on each DS processing unit, and stores it to a location outside the DS processing unit (to make access easier, and to overcome storage limits of the ds processing unit). A Log Locating Agent locates log files which have not yet been processed by inspecting offload locations (e.g. if the off-load location is a vault, the log processing agent will find log files stored in the vault by listin...