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System for Automatic Display Mode Selection

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247482D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-09
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Disclosed is a system for automatic display mode selection for a computing device. The proposed system uses a camera to automatically detect and identify a user(s) in front of the display, and then accordingly adjust the display to match the user profile(s).

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System for Automatic Display Mode Selection

Computing and entertainment screens offer various settings that can be adjusted to produce the perfect image. The problem is that the perfect image is only perfect some of the time. For example, someone who sometimes wears glasses may prefer a high resolution while wearing glasses and a lower resolution when not wearing glasses. Perhaps a television (TV) that supports "lights on"/"lights out" mode might be enhanced to support different settings based on the number of viewers in the room and the associated viewer profiles.

A system for automatic display mode selection is presented. Most computer displays allow for configurable resolution, brightness, and other settings. The proposed system uses a camera to automatically detect users in front of the display. Based on the detection, the display automatically switches between the pre-programmed viewing modes.

To configure and implement the automatic display mode selection system:

1. User creates one or more display profile(s), names each (e.g., glasses on, glasses off), and specifies one or more settings for:

A. Screen resolution

    B. Text size
C. Icon size
D. Brightness
E. Color scheme
F. Volume
G. Balance
H. Type of environment 2. User associates a photo with each profile, for identification 3. The system stores the profiles in the Cloud, allowing portability 4. The computing device (e.g., laptop, desktop, mobile device, TV, etc.) is equipped with an "auto adjust display" mode,...