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Card Car Trend Analysis

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247539D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-14
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Disclosed is a novel system and method to detect fraud by using location-connected cars and banking transactions. This nontraditional relationship disclosure attempts to reduce credit card fraud.

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Card Car Trend Analysis

A connected car is a car that is equipped with Internet access or other connections, such as Bluetooth*, as well as a wireless local area network. This allows the car to share Internet access with other devices both inside and outside the vehicle. With these vehicles becoming more relevant in the automotive industry, an opportunity is presented to add more security to users' everyday lives, especially in the area of credit card fraud and unauthorized access by third parties to bank accounts.

The novel solution is a method to prevent credit card and banking fraud by associating the location of a car to the location(s) of credit card transactions. This nontraditional relationship disclosure attempts to reduce credit card fraud.

The components and process for implementing the method and system for card/car trend analysis include:

1. The system identifies the connection of a banking card/bank account to a car through (but not limited to):

A. The user's mobile phone; exiting technologies enable access to the user's card upon connecting the mobile device/phone to the vehicle

B. The user manually entering the bank information via the car's entertainment system

C. The user manually entering the car's information in a banking institution's system

D. If the user does not want to manually connect the card to a car, the system can employ a learning system to identify, with a degree of

      confidence, to which car the bank account belongs 2. The user comm...