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A new type of stoplight for car

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247569D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-18
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This disclosure will help decrease the traffic accident with the smart stoplight。It will using the internet of thing technology to automatic calculate the frequency of flash for the stoplight.

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A new type of stoplight for car

When a man drive a car in a highway road, he can see a red stoplight when the car in the front takes a brake, but he can't knowhow the accelerated speed of car be slowed, it is hard for the driver to make a decision and take the correct actions, this is dangerous. Our disclosure will help the man to see the accelerated speed of car in the front.

According to the accelerated speed of a car, the stoplight will be flashed in a corresponding frequency, the bigger the accelerated speed, the higher the frequency. Our disclosure will help the driver to identify the accelerated speed of car in the front, it will help the driver to see the accelerated speed of a car and take the action accordingly.

Let's say Tony drives a car with a very high speed in a highway, he should keep a safe distance between the front car, if the driver in the front car takes a brake, the speed will be slowed and a red stoplight will remind Tony, but Tony doesn't know how big the accelerate speed is, and cannot take appropriateaction.

The methods to get a frequency value for the stoplight in the front, and flash the stoplight are with following conditions:
1) the speed and the distance of two cars,
2) the drive experience in the front car
3) the drive experience, the age of the driver in the back car
4) the weather good or not
5) the time of the day,
6) the limit speed of the road,
7) the braking efficiency of the back car

Figure 1 How to get the frequency value