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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000247631D
Publication Date: 2016-Sep-21
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Pre-parallel inspection and testing of grid parallel inverter without having its main DC power source/prime mover.

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Brief Abstract

Pre-parallel inspection and testing of grid parallel inverter without having its main DC power source/prime mover.


As a part of 'pre-paralleling inspection tests' (sometimes also referred as 'installation, commissioning and permitting testing (ICP tests)), grid parallel inverters are required to be tested in the field in order to obtain permission to parallel with area electrical power systems (EPS). Typical tests include but not limited to unintentional islanding, transient overvoltage during load shedding, power quality, reconnect timer verification, power quality. These tests are usually conducted either by inverter manufacturers or by system integrators or by third party contractors and witnessed by local utility inspectors who has jurisdiction in the area EPS.

Problem Description

The primary DC source to the grid parallel inverters such as fuel cells, solar panels, wind turbines, micro turbines, battery banks including electric vehicles, large gyms and any other technologies/ equipment which generates DC power for the inverters is often referred as prime mover. Often times this prime mover is not available when utility inspector is available or utility inspector is not available when prime mover is ready to perform above mentioned pre-parallel tests. Combining both utility inspectors and prime movers availabilities to schedule pre-parallel tests often results in schedule delays. Few examples to describe the above problems are - There could be an unexpected cloud passing when pre-parallel inspection is scheduled resulting in cancellation / reschedule of inspection.

- Unexpected delay in getting permission for gas supply for fuel cells
- Wind velocity dropped below critical values on scheduled pre-parallel inspection day.


Utility inspectors are required to check performance of only grid parallel inverter functionality and they don't care what is used as dc source for that inverter. This invention disclosure describe concepts of
- Pre-parallel inspection tests with a tem...