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Social Networking to provide safety cognizance of an offline user to his one or more social network contacts.

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248176D
Publication Date: 2016-Nov-04
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Social Networking helped us to interact with people, either when they are online or offline. We always worry about friends, who are offline for a longer duration and never read/respond to our messages. Social Networking should have method and tools in place, to provide safety cognizance of an offline user, through which the social networking becomes a responsible and caring platform for their users.

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Social Networking to provide safety cognizance of an offline user to his one or more social network contacts.

With the advent of social media and social networking sites, people are going more solo than before. We now spend most of our time in social networking via social media networks. We can talk with our friends, in social networking, when they are either online or offline. However, we often worry about our friends, when they never read/respond to our messages on Social Networking and found to be offline for a longer duration from all social media. During those times, we worry about their safety. If we know their contact numbers, we attempt to call and ensure their safety, however, there are many friends on social networking with whom, we may be close but we might not know their mobile numbers or their changed mobile numbers.

There should be a system or method in Social Networking, which can collect a report on the user activities and also take some significant steps to understand the offline user's position in regards to safety.

There should be a system, method or tool that can "care" for us by checking whether we are reachable or not by polling and monitoring our social presence.

What we are looking for is, the system/method should be a personalized or caring social networking solution, based on Social presence awareness. There should be a system/method that will continuously keep probing the person's availability status. If availability goes below a set limit, it should trigger a notification alert to be sent to his pre-defined ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts The ICE contacts can then generate a safety Cognizance report, that will give more insights about the offline user (or safety of the offline user). The report would include his last activities (Likes, Posts and Chatting and mobile call history) on Social Networking and also recommend you with some users contact, who are geographically closer to this user. After reading the report, you can plan for next action. This should be an internet based polling of person's availability and triggering notifications via social media features like messengers + email + mobile phone SMS + any other such, combined.

E.g. This could help single people who live away from their cities and families. For example, a person who is living alone can get an Asthma attack when alone at home.

Or the person could go in depression and attempt to disconnect himself.


This system or method or tool can help in Safety check in cases such as following:

- Physical health issues like asthma attack, heart attack, paralysis attack or any sudden physical problems, where the person may or may not be able to really reach his phone to contact for help.
- Help keep a better watch on a person with suicidal tendency.

- Mental health, depression.

- Persons affected by robbery, blackmail or such similar attacks where the person may or may not be able to really reach his phone to contact for help.

- Case...