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Method of operating smart phone by recognizing movement trace of phone body

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248710D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-28
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The disclosure is to provide a new method to operate smart phone more conveniently, with gyroscope and acceleration sensor in the smart phone, Smart phone can measure and track multiple serial motion traces, and then recognizes pre-defined motion traces associated with some certain System functions or Application functions in multiple layers of menus. This invention provides flexibility and ease of access to mobile functions or application functions. Especially in an emergency or in some scenarios which not applicable for fingers to operate mobile. It will not be limited to use fingers to operate mobiles by using this solution, provide more diversities in the mobile operation.

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Method of operating smart phone by recognizing movement trace of phone body

Smart phone is widely used in our daily life and work, however the operation to phone is rather monotonous, not convenient in some certain scenarios. Fore example, if user wants to launch an application to do some operation in it, usually need to use finger to touch screen or pressing keys to unlock screen, and find the app and click its icon to get it started, and then do further operations in the Application. But in an emergency or in some scenarios which not applicable for finger to operate phone , it will be a tedious process if following those steps to use it, valuable time may be lost.

Description: Smart phones is usually equipped with bevy of sensors -- accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, light and proximity. Here with Gyroscope user can measure angle of mobile disposition, and with Acceleration sensor, user can measure mention direction of mobile, based on these data, user can calculate the mention trace and speed of smart phone. Now user can define various serial mention traces for mobile, by recognizing pre-defined whole or part of motion traces, mobile will activate associated functions of System/Applications associated in multiple layers of menus.

Use cases: Step 1: Choose a frequently-used application or functions. Such as quick access to enter multilayered menu “Install OS”, or simply taking photos or starting music player or calling the emergency call to police or important people and so on. Step 2: Swing mobile to record the mention trace of phone, the trace r...