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Anti-lose anti-theft for smart bracelet

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000248727D
Publication Date: 2016-Dec-30
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Smart bracelet is easy to lose or be stolen no matter how tight fasten the wristband. Smart bracelet has the heart rate detecting function. This disclosure discloses a new method to anti-lost anti-theft for smart braclet by detecting heart rate. There will be a anti-lose anti-theft mode, turn on the mode, when smart bracelet failing to detecte heart rate, it will fire an alarm to alert user immediately. This method provide the most timely alarm to user compare with existing anti-lost anti-theft methods, and don't relay on any other equipment.

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Anti-lose anti-theft for smart bracelet

Smart bracelet as a kind of wearable device is widely used, providing functions like step counting, indicating a incoming call and heart rate detecting, etc. Smart bracelet also brings convenient for anti-theft of smart phone, anti-lose for children, however, smart bracelet itself is easy to lose or be stolen no matter how tight fasten the wristband. To enjoy the functions provided by smart bracelet, anti-lose and anti-theft will be the first thing user need to think. Core idea: Turn on anti-lose anti-theft mode on smart bracelet to detect the real time heart rate, fire an alarm if it fails to detect heart rate.

Advantage: The idea is very easy to implement, and provides the most timely alarm to user when they may lost their smart bracelet, doesn't rely on any other equipment. Smart bracelet provides two basic functions: real time heart rate detecting and alarm, this invention prompt an idea that combine the two functions to provide an anti-lose anti-theft method for smart bracelet.

An anti-lose anti-theft mode is needed, if the mode is off, smart bracelet works normally, but when this mode is on, the following flow will fire an alarm to inform user when they may lose their smart bracelet. 1. User ware a smart bracelet, and smart bracelet start detecting user's heart rate with its given sample rate. 2. Everything is going well until wristband is loosening or a thief is trying to steal user's smart bracelet, smart bracelet fails to detect heart rate within a sample interval 3. When smart bracelet fails to detect heart rate with anti-lose anti-theft mode on, it fires an alar...