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Identifying change in behaviour of a Child indicating need for attention by parents

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Publication Date: 2017-Feb-08
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System and Method for Identifying change in behaviour of a Child indicating need for attention by parents : In todays hectic and stressful life parents do not spend quality time with their kids on daily basis, but if they are provided witha mechanism to detec a change in behaviour of their child (which may indicate an incident) then they will certainly put an effort to understand and help their child - proposed systems achieves this objective

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Identifying change in behaviour of a Child indicating need for attention by parents

Two main drivers of todays social life requiring huge focus on kids change in behavior are 1. Extremely hectic schedule of working parents and their limited ability to observe or pay attention to their kids, for which they are mostly dependent on child care, day care, care givers etc, 2. Increase of Child abuse, harassment as well as increase in problematic environment which if prolonged with an action can leave long lasting impact on child , including permanent personality issues through out their life. 3. Need for Parents and teacher to have more insights on what techniques they should employ to take a child to his/her maximum potential

Steps to identify change in behavior of a child 1. Classify child's behavior thru the day into various emotional states such as happy, frustration, despair, worry, sadness, shame, scared, stress or anxiety. Each emotional state would have different categories of severity such as very high, high, medium, low etc, 2. With the help of sensors which can be integrated into a bracelet or pendant kids speech and body reactions (Pulse rate.) can be observed and classified into one of the emotional states listed above. 3. Continue to plot kids emotional state through out the day and calculates day's, weeks, month's summary of various emotional states in the form of Spider Chart. 4. Based on averages of six month we propose observing change in emotion profile beyond a threshold which needs to be flagged and alerted. It can further point to sudden spikes of particular emotions on that day , time , place and keywords which can help investigate further and take corrective actions 5. It al...