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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000250286D
Publication Date: 2017-Jun-21
Document File: 1 page(s) / 41K

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Disclosed are processes for the deposition of Metal Nitride films on substrates using tetramethylsilyl azide (TMS-N3) as the co-reactant.

At least one Metal-containing precursor, the metal besing any metal from the period table, is introduced into a reactor having at least one substrate disposed therein. At least part of the Metal-containing precursor is deposited onto the at least one substrate to form the Metal-containing precursor.

At least one one co-reactant is introduced into the reactor, wherin the co-reactant is Tetramethylsilyl azide (TMS-N3). At least part of the co-reactant tetramethylsilyl azide (TMS-N3) reacts with the Metal-containing precursor to form a Metal Nitride film.

The disclosed processes may further include one or more of the following aspects;

  • the reactant being plasma-treated;
  • the reactant being remote plasma-treated;
  • the reactant not being plasma-treated;
  • the Metal-containing precursor being TiCl4, NbCl5, TaCl5, MoCl5, Mo(=O)Cl4, Mo(=O)2Cl2, WCl5, WCl6, W(=O)Cl4, W(=O)2Cl2,
  • the Metal-containing precursor being any metal organic or organometallic precursor;
  • the Metal-containing precursor and TMS-N3 being introduced into the reactor simultaneously;
  • the reactor being configured for chemical vapor deposition;
  • the reactor being configured for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition;
  • the Metal-containing precursor and TMS-N3 being introduced into the chamber sequentially;
  • the reactor being configured for atomic lay...