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    This disclosure describes features of a test apparatus for heat exchanger evaluation. Some features relate to methods used to introduce non‐uniform performance of the exchanger, to allow evaluation of the exchanger away from the design point. Others relate to methods to extend the range of test unit operation, to...
    IPCOM000252490D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252489D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252488D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252487D | 2018-Jan-17
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    This publication relates to formulations which can be pre-applied on a capacitor chip or PCB before a solder reflow process. The formulations solidify at room temperature by crystallization but melt above 70-100°C and yield low viscosity to allow the soldering process. The formulation cured in the reflow oven can...
    IPCOM000252486D | 2018-Jan-17
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    A method of speeding up deployment of fiber optic networks for Fiber To The Home (FTTH) telecommunication networks, some operators have utilized a pre-engineered cable harness that is factory terminated and known tether locations along the length of the cable. Often the cables contain 72 to 144 fibers in the main...
    IPCOM000252485D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252484D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252483D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252482D | 2018-Jan-17
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    IPCOM000252481D | 2018-Jan-16