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    The present disclosure relates to Connectivity Fault Management (CFM) based Spanning Tree Protocol (xSTP) re-convergence. The present disclosure provides faster convergence in xSTP during indirect failure scenarios, traffic blackholing and loop avoidance in xSTP unidirectional link failure scenarios, the use of...

    IPCOM000250071D | 2017-May-25
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    The present disclosure relates to a lookaside hardware accelerator architecture of a PCIe add-on card physical formality and can be used to build an offload engine for a virtual Switch (vSwitch) or Virtual Network Function (VNF). The acceleration processor uniquely operates on a functional basis. It is a...

    IPCOM000250070D | 2017-May-25
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    IPCOM000250069D | 2017-May-25
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    IPCOM000250068D | 2017-May-25
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    IPCOM000250067D | 2017-May-25
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    IPCOM000250066D | 2017-May-25
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    IPCOM000250065D | 2017-May-25
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    Improved Distribution of a Polymerization Inhibitor in an Ester-Water Phase Separation Unit Operation Containing an Aqueous Layer of High Salt Content via Direct Injection

    IPCOM000250064D | 2017-May-25
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    IPCOM000250063D | 2017-May-25
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    Amplitude Q compensation consists of an exponential frequency boost as a function of wavelet travel time in sediments T and quality factor Q. Practical considerations require that the boost be cut off at some frequency to prevent corruption or loss of low frequency data. Distortion of the Amplitude vs. Angle...

    IPCOM000250062D | 2017-May-24