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    The present subject matter relates generally to a fan blade platform for a gas turbine engine, or more particularly a fan platform produced using additive manufacturing.
    IPCOM000251627D | 2017-Nov-17
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    This invention describes a way to create a label with certain properties that significantly improve the process of recognition and measuring label and recovering/calculating distance and orientation of the target object. The main motivation for this invention is to create certain rules for designing a label of...
    IPCOM000251626D | 2017-Nov-17
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    In one embodiment, the intelligent battery pack includes battery cells, a processor, flash memory, read-only memory (ROM) and/or random access memory (RAM), a coin cell, and appropriate circuitry connecting the various elements. The flash memory can contain updated firmware, as well as a firmware installer program. ...
    IPCOM000251625D | 2017-Nov-17
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    Shape memory alloys (SMA) respond to an electrical current with physical action. A SMA can be physically deformed, only to return to a set shape when electrified. When the SMA returns to a set shape, it will apply a force against an object resisting the motion. This invention is an electric SMA radial motor. The...
    IPCOM000251624D | 2017-Nov-17
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    In current wireless LAN systems, an access point (AP) may support very high throughput communication with mobile devices. This allows the use of multiple communication channels, such as 20MHz, 40MHz, 80MHz, 160MHz, 320MHz or similar, with increasing amounts of bandwidth for each channel. When such an AP provides a...
    IPCOM000251623D | 2017-Nov-17
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    Abrasive elements such as thermally stable polycrystalline (TSP) pieces are embedded into the gage pad as a wear-resistant protective structure. Since the drastic difference of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) between the TSP and the matrix (or steel) body, substantial residual tensile stress occurs at the...
    IPCOM000251622D | 2017-Nov-17
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    IPCOM000251621D | 2017-Nov-17
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    IPCOM000251620D | 2017-Nov-17
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    Aluminum and Magnesium alloys are used in fabrication of many aircraft components such as APU gearboxes. The components manufactured using Aluminum and Magnesium are vulnerable to surface damage due to service wear. The centerline bore diameters of APU gearboxes are damaged through service wear. A minimum wall...
    IPCOM000251619D | 2017-Nov-17
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    IPCOM000251618D | 2017-Nov-16