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    Laser welding two layers of meshed fabric that have been pressed into a predetermined shape to create a more rigid mesh that can be used without a support structure in an assembly.

    IPCOM000249719D | 2017-Mar-27
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    Turbine engines, and particularly gas or combustion turbine engines, are rotary engines that extract energy from a flow of pressurized combusted gases passing through the engine onto a multitude of rotating turbine blades. Air flows passing through the engine may contain particles such as dust, and it can be...

    IPCOM000249718D | 2017-Mar-27
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    Dial in or dial back users over a public switched telephone network channel are prevented from joining meetings when they have the meeting access code but are not on the allowed participant list for an online meeting.

    IPCOM000249717D | 2017-Mar-24
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    IPCOM000249715D | 2017-Mar-24
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    IPCOM000249714D | 2017-Mar-24
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    IPCOM000249713D | 2017-Mar-24
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    A fairing assembly including a spinner or similar fairing and a supporting component are provided for a machine such as a gas turbine engine. A joint configuration between the two components is provided which minimizes exposed drag-causing elements.

    IPCOM000249712D | 2017-Mar-24
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    The idea is a connector specifically for flexible foils with pre-printed electric circuits that exerts a pressure on the circuits, which provides comparable reliability to the pinned connectors used currently. The connector consists of two parts; one rounded block around which the foil is folded. On top of the...

    IPCOM000249711D | 2017-Mar-24
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    Hierin wird offenbart, einen Schweißbereich mit sogenannten Schweißaufschlägen seitlich zu unterstützen und zu fixieren. Die Anschläge werden sich zwar zusammen mit dem Bauteil verziehen, aber der Abstand zur Schweißnaht wird wegen der unmittelbaren räumlichen Nähe nicht verändert. Dadurch stoppt der Schweißweg bei...

    IPCOM000249710D | 2017-Mar-24
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    In one embodiment, a downhole device is disclosed, including an alloy substrate, a ceramic layer disposed on the alloy substrate, and a self-reinforced polyphenylene film bonded to the ceramic layer. In another embodiment, a method to provide a downhole device is disclosed, including providing an alloy substrate,...

    IPCOM000249709D | 2017-Mar-23