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    A method and system is disclosed for managing margin and efficiency in real time bidding (RTB) using Q- learning algorithm. The method and system formulates a state-space based policy for determining bid (at an ad exchange) and corresponding cost for each display opportunity auctioned at the ad exchange for ensuring...
    IPCOM000251181D | 2017-Oct-23
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    As a part of the initial development of the Uniform Resource Name (URN) system in the late 1990s, the IETF URN Working Group agreed that it was important to demonstrate that the URN syntax could accommodate existing identifier systems. RFC 2288 [RFC2288] showed the feasibility of using International Standard Book...
    IPCOM000251180D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Oct-01
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    The Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) [RFC5440] defines the mechanisms for the communication between a Path Computation Client (PCC) and a Path Computation Element (PCE), or between two PCEs. These interactions include requests and replies that can be critical for a sustainable network operation...
    IPCOM000251179D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Oct-01
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    This document addresses minor issues that were discovered in the reference implementation of the Opus codec. Unlike most IETF specifications, RFC 6716 [RFC6716] defines Opus in terms of a normative reference decoder implementation rather than from the associated text description. Appendix A of that RFC includes the...
    IPCOM000251178D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Oct-01
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    [RFC5444] specifies a generalized packet/message format that is designed for use by MANET routing protocols.
    IPCOM000251177D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Oct-01
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    IPCOM000251176D | 2017-Oct-20
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    Pipe tensioner.
    IPCOM000251175D | 2017-Oct-20
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    The application described herein relates generally to gas turbine engines and to an aircraft nacelle where transmission is strongly integrated, and more specifically to air cooled oil coolers (ACOCs) developed using additive manufacture (AM).
    IPCOM000251174D | 2017-Oct-20
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    The present invention relates to the additive manufacture of gas turbine engine parts, and in particular, to the accelerator or inducer designed for high temperature portions of the engine.
    IPCOM000251173D | 2017-Oct-20
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    When a network is attacked with rogue Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) redirects, or points the end hosts to a rogue Domain Name System (DNS), there are tell-tale signs of this breach in the network in the form of unusual HTTP and DNS activities. Presented herein are techniques for detecting the HTTP and DNS...
    IPCOM000251172D | 2017-Oct-20