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    IPCOM000249465D | 2017-Feb-28
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    This publication details a system for automated retrieval of answers to questions in a group chat thread in the case that the information already exists. This would mean users would not have to search for the information in a message thread as it is readily presented, and in the case that the user is unaware of...

    IPCOM000249464D | 2017-Feb-28
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    For recent way of GUI(Graphical User Interface) test is not much intelligent and only can cover parts of test cases. Once the customer requirements are changed, the reusability is not ideal. This disclosure can generate the state transition diagram based on first time automatically discovery and record, then the...

    IPCOM000249463D | 2017-Feb-28
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    A cell or electrical network for multilevel converters for limiting short circuit currents is disclosed herein. The network comprises two terminals, at least one loop comprising energy storage elements between the two terminals, at least one inductor, at least two single or composed fully controllable non-latching...

    IPCOM000249462D | 2017-Feb-28
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    A microwave breast imaging system using software defined radio is disclosed. The system comprises a microwave imaging sub-system and software defined radios (SDR). The microwave imaging subsystem is implemented with SDR to generate, modulate, receive and demodulate single side band suppressed carrier (SSB-SC)...

    IPCOM000249461D | 2017-Feb-28
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    An ultralow noise inductively source degenerated cascode preamplifier for MRI application is disclosed. The preamplifier overcomes the instability condition experienced during the LNA design at VHF frequency range for MRI application, by inserting a series inductance in common source (CS) and a series resistance in...

    IPCOM000249460D | 2017-Feb-28
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    Disclosed is a method for enabling identity usage introspection and billing within a smart Data Source Name (DSN) memory.

    IPCOM000249459D | 2017-Feb-27
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    Disclosed is a method is to enable identity usage tracking within Data Source Name (DSN) memory in order to provide granular usage tracking information.

    IPCOM000249458D | 2017-Feb-27
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    Disclosed is a technique to protect the image on a digital driver’s license. The technique uses a guilloche' overlay to prevent removal or manipulation of the image.

    IPCOM000249457D | 2017-Feb-27
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    Buoyancy modules play important roles in offshore oil and gas explorations and productions. The basic requirements for deep water buoyancy materials, in addition to light weight, are compression resistance and minimum water pickup. Therefore, many conventional low density materials, such as blown foams, aerogel, as...

    IPCOM000249456D | 2017-Feb-27