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    This publication deals with dispersion management, and in particular with a method for calculating the appropriate amounts of trim fiber and high order mode fiber required in a high order mode dispersion management device. The calculator is suitable for use with fundamental mode dispersion compensating fiber.
    IPCOM000008639D 2002-Jun-30
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    In the current iDEN 3:l system, because the VSELP encode process runs at a background priority and can be interrupted by the decode process and because the VSELP encode inherently has a wide CPU loading depending on the type of voice stream being encoded, there exists a substantial timing variation in the encode times...
    IPCOM000008638D 2002-Jun-28
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    To rekey a mobile radio requires either physical contact with a key loader device or over the air rekeying (OTAR), one way being the APCO-25 OTAR protocol. Currently the APCO-25 OTAR requires a key management facility and base station.
    IPCOM000008637D 2002-Jun-28
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    Two-way communication transmitters using frequency modulation have a need to support a modulation signal bandwidth of 7 Hz to 3k Hz to allow for sub-audio signaling and voice modulation. The modulation level accuracy must be very high at low frequencies (7 to IO0 Hz) if the transmitters are used in a simulcast...
    IPCOM000008636D 2002-Jun-28
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    iDEN Packet Data has defined the Link Access Protocol-iDEN (LAPi) for reliable wireless data transmissions. Also, a MS can change cells during data tranimission or reception due to poor RF conditions. If the MS is in the middle of trans- mitting data to the system when it changes cells, LAPi requires the MS to wait...
    IPCOM000008635D 2002-Jun-28
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    When applying conductive epoxy as a substitute As a solution to both conductive epoxy surface for solder in surface mount assembly (Figure la), mount challenges, a surface mount adhesive is two significant challenges are encountered. The first applied between the substrate pads (Figure 2a). challenge occurs during...
    IPCOM000008634D 2002-Jun-28
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    iDEN is a TDMA radio system, i.e. each iDEN carrier is divided into timeslots. Channelized communications such as voice and circuit data and handled by assigning a periodic series of slots (a "logical channel") to a particular subscriber for the duration of the subscriber's call.
    IPCOM000008633D 2002-Jun-28
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    The present invention relates to internal digital voice frame voting in a TACTM system. When digital voice frames are voted, the resultant frame quality will be better than or equal to the best frame that is being received.
    IPCOM000008632D 2002-Jun-28
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    In existing IDEN (and GSM) systems, when the originating mobile (OM) or Land unit places an interconnect call to a target mobile (TM), the infra- structure (ACG) allocates to a TM radio traffic channel (TCH) first and then attempts to allocate terrestrial resources such as voice processors, full- rate and subrate...
    IPCOM000008631D 2002-Jun-28
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    The iDEN system uses a TDMA architecture such a manner, where over a short amount of time, a with frames consisting of 6 time slots. Originally, 3-to-l call would be blocked from originating. For all voice calls used a 6-n-I channel interleave. example, a site could have channels allocated for With the addition of...
    IPCOM000008630D 2002-Jun-28