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    A registered user will be authenticated via his voice, and the costs will be billed directly to him. The voice identifies the user, and the provider can charge the costs directly to this user, not to the phone or SIM card. A system could provide for unauthorized users to be rejected and the phone call terminated...
    IPCOM000010159D 2002-Oct-29
  2. 22.
    The trend to increase the density of printed circuit boards is still ongoing. To integrate electronic components into printed circuit boards is no new topic, but until now it has not been significant for general applications. There are many reasons why this will change in the future.
    IPCOM000010158D 2002-Oct-29
  3. 23.
    This document specifies an optional standard for TCP to increase the permitted initial window from one or two segment(s) to roughly 4K bytes, replacing RFC 2414. It discusses the advantages and disadvantages of the higher initial window, and includes discussion of experiments and simulations showing that the higher...
    IPCOM000010155D 2002-Oct-29
  4. 24.
    Generally, a smart card has a particular operating clock frequency that is selected before it is issued. The predominant frequency mode selected for smart cards is, for example, 4.9152 MHz in Japan and 3.579545 MHz in the U.S.A. and France. A prior art smart card write/reader therefore, has a clock generator...
    IPCOM000010154D 2002-Oct-28
  5. 25.
    Key Words: Droop Compensation, Converter Response, Converter Transient Response, Converter Output Error
    IPCOM000010153D 2002-Oct-28
  6. 26.
    A system & method for testing printed circuit boards comprises a boundary scan testing assembly for performing boundary scan testing on a printed circuit board and an automated optical inspection system (whether by visual light or by X-rays) for performing automated optical inspection on the printed circuit board. ...
    IPCOM000010152D 2002-Oct-27
  7. 27.
    The following patent describes a new control protocol or electronic readout for a CCD or camera based EPID which introduces Single mode or snap shot imaging for low MU (patient positioning), Continuous external trigger mode for IMRT , movie and verification imaging, Linear accelerator artifacts removal, and also...
    IPCOM000010151D 2002-Oct-25
  8. 28.
    A method in which the user of context-aware applications can exchange private information with other users within or outside of the secure system. Systems, which employ context, depend on access decisions to be made based on context of the requests. The method provided utilizes the features and capabilities typically...
    IPCOM000010150D 2002-Oct-25
  9. 29.
    A solution to the problem of contextual information conflicts when multiple applications view the same context but provide opposing services. Based on a set of rights associated with the user as well as the environment, context conflict resolution is performed for the application services by altering the contextual...
    IPCOM000010149D 2002-Oct-25
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    Planning tools such as Quality Function Deployment are valuable contributors in the project stages leading up to the launch of a new product. Once the launch stage is reached, however, it is time to stop planning and start doing. As most anyone with manufacturing experience will attest, this means shifting the...
    IPCOM000010147D 2002-Oct-25