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    Disclosed is a method for validating correct data used for software test. Software test consists of two steps: 1) Performing scenarios to get result data, 2) Comparing the result data with prepared correct data. Since the result data varies depending on environment on which programs run, changes of environment...
    IPCOM000126674D 2005-Jul-28
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    Disclosed is a graphical expression of an on-screen memo, under a computer-telephony integrated environment, which automatically displays information about the originating caller, the intended callee and the actual receiver of the call, such as a secretary, when the phone call session is completed. The on-line...
    IPCOM000126673D 2005-Jul-28
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    Disclosed is a system of Computer Technology Integration Portlet which connects Inbound IP phone call from customer and customer data of call center in user’s personal computer. - This system provides a software component called CTI Portlet which runs on a personal computer (client PC, hereafter). - The CTI...
    IPCOM000126672D 2005-Jul-28
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    A method of providing noise immunity on hall effect sensors is provided by using diametrically placed sensors on the motor frame wiht opposing logical polarity. These signals can now be run as a differential pair and differential reciever can be used to subtract out noise common to both signals.
    IPCOM000126658D 2005-Jul-27
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    The Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) suite of protocols has been defined to control different switching technologies and different applications. These include support for requesting Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) connections, including Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)/Synchronous Digital...
    IPCOM000126657D 2005-Jul-27
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    IPCOM000126656D 2005-Jul-27
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    IPCOM000126655D 2005-Jul-26
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    This paper describes a FTIR, Fourier transform infrared, method as an alternative to ASTM D2896 method for the determination of the Base Number (BN) of lubricants. ASTM D2896, currently the standard reference method for BN, has great disadvantages e.g. it is labour-intensive as it can be only partly automated; it uses...
    IPCOM000126654D 2005-Jul-26
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    IPCOM000126650D 2005-Jul-26
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    Baker Petrolite Polymers (BPC) manufactures low molecular weight functionalized polypropylenes, polyethylenes and polyalphaolefins, such as acids, amides, alcohols and epoxides that can be used as compatibilizers, adhesion promoters, rheology modifiers and as co-reactants to react with various resins such as...
    IPCOM000126649D 2005-Jul-25