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    IPCOM000130563D 2005-Oct-27
  2. 32.
    Disclosed is a method for a cross quad peak amplitude detector. Benefits include improved functionality and improved performance.
    IPCOM000130562D 2005-Oct-26
  3. 33.
    Disclosed is a method for server chassis precooling. Benefits include improved functionality, reliability, improved performance, and improved cost effectiveness.
    IPCOM000130561D 2005-Oct-26
  4. 34.
    Disclosed is a method for a pad design with a variety of shapes. Benefits include improved performance and improved reliability.
    IPCOM000130560D 2005-Oct-26
  5. 35.
    Disclosed is a method for a preprint solder paste test pad. Benefits include improved functionality and improved reliability.
    IPCOM000130559D 2005-Oct-26
  6. 36.
    Disclosed is a method for manufacturing and controlling the fan-blade-to-shroud clearance for CPU heat sink fans. Benefits include improved aerodynamics and reduced fan noise.
    IPCOM000130558D 2005-Oct-26
  7. 37.
    The limitation which is present today is that of central electronic complexes (CEC's) having to be configured with a virtual I/O server (VIOS) partition, in order to enable the partitions in the CEC to have network access external to the CEC. This requires every CEC to have at least one network interface card (NIC). ...
    IPCOM000130555D 2005-Oct-26
  8. 38.
    Disclosed is a method for a quantile phase (Q-phase) boundary detection algorithm. Benefits include improved functionality and improved performance.
    IPCOM000130552D 2005-Oct-26
  9. 39.
    Disclosed is a user interface technique to facilitate, when appropriate, a more efficient e-mail communication system when brief messages are sent. With this technique, an e-mail sender may rely upon a system in the e-mail client that counts the number of characters in an e-mail body. If that total number of...
    IPCOM000130551D 2005-Oct-26
  10. 40.
    Carvedilol is obtained by reaction of 4-(oxiran-2-yl-methoxy)-9H-carbazole with 2-(2-methoxyphenoxy)ethylamine hydrochloride in a presence of potassium carbonate in toluene solvent.
    IPCOM000130550D 2005-Oct-26