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  1. 1131.
    A polyolefin composition comprises repeating units of a metathesis polymerizable olefin monomer, a metathesis polymerization procatalyst, a metathesis polymerization procatalyst activator, and at least one member selected from the group consisting of: (i) a Lewis acid catalyst and a Lewis acid cocatalyst, effective to...
    IPCOM000001377D 2006-Apr-01
  2. 1132.
    The present invention provides a method for making a method for making high service temperature rubber compound, hot melt adhesive or sealant compositions by combining a polyphenylene ether resin with an elastomeric block copolymer of a vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon and a conjugated diene, which comprises (a) making a...
    IPCOM000001376D 2006-Apr-01