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    IPCOM000142650D 2006-Dec-10
  2. 522.
    IPCOM000142634D 2006-Dec-10
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    Listen (Buch 1)
    IPCOM000142600D 2006-Dec-10
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    IPCOM000142599D 2006-Dec-10
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    IPCOM000142598D 2006-Dec-10
  6. 526.
    IPCOM000142597D 2006-Dec-10
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    IPCOM000142596D 2006-Dec-10
  8. 528.
    IPCOM000142540D 2006-Dec-10
  9. 529.
    Many Dynamic Channel Assignment (DCA) algorithms were proposed in the literature in order to improve cellular systems performance. However, it is hard to compare algorithms since each of them was evaluated under different scenarios. In addition, some of these algorithms were evaluated based only on blocking...
    IPCOM000142390D 2006-Dec-19
  10. 530.
    Applying soft-input soft-output iterative decoding allows block product codes (BPCs) to exhibit error-correcting capability close to that of convolutional code-based turbo codes. However, finding the best BPC design for a given target code size can be difficult. This paper analyzes BPC performance using weight...
    IPCOM000141527D 2006-Dec-11