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    In most computer systems, data path to the DIMM is more than one DIMM wide. ECC is calculated across an entire data path to ensure the integrity of the data read from the memory. ECC with chipkill coverable is typically able to detect & correct an error in any one DRAM. However, ECC can only detect an error, if an...
    IPCOM000146916D 2007-Feb-27
  2. 32.
    Disclosed is a process to enable data synchronization between a device inside a vehicle and a device outside the vehicle via a local wireless network. Currently, sychronization schemes are manually started by the operator or started at predetermined times by a job scheduler. A solution is needed that does not...
    IPCOM000146915D 2007-Feb-27
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    Gegenstand der vorliegenden Abhandlung sind Wirkungen und Formulierungen enthaltend mindestens eine der nachfolgend beschriebenen Wirkstoffe HDBM oder HDBMox. Bei HDBM (Hydroxydimethoxybenzylmalonat) und HDBMox (Hydroxydimethoxybenzylidenmalonat) handelt es sich um Antioxidantien, die als Stabilisatoren in...
    IPCOM000146913D 2007-Feb-27
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    Disclosed is a hardware design that merges a newer display technology with traditionally unused realestate found on optical drive trays. Real estate on front and rear surfaces of rack-mounted server equipment is sometimes very constrained. A solution is needed to merge the server panel and optical drive together...
    IPCOM000146911D 2007-Feb-27
  5. 35.
    Disclosed is a hardware design that incorporates a shareable, voice dictation suitable microphone into a blade chassis. As server front panels evolve from LED indicators to fully addressable displays, like organic LED displays, the amount of information that can be displayed increases dramatically. A solution...
    IPCOM000146910D 2007-Feb-27
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    Disclosed is software solution designed to communicate instant message characteristics to operators not located immediately in front of their computer's display. Operators further away can visually identify instant message characteristics and determine if they want to move to the computer terminal to service the...
    IPCOM000146909D 2007-Feb-27
  7. 37.
    Disclosed is software for managing grid devices that do not have direct internet access. Grids are collections of computing devices working toward a common goal. Many consumer electronics have computing resources that could be utilized to work on grid problems, but do not have direct internet access. A solution...
    IPCOM000146908D 2007-Feb-27
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    Disclosed is an axial loaded Graduated Brake (GB) for maintaining the top front end of a server up at an angle for service to the inside.
    IPCOM000146905D 2007-Feb-27
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    IPCOM000146904D 2007-Feb-27
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    Disclosed are mechanicals to enable hot-swap memory on blade servers. Blade servers have physical dimensions that may limit an operator from being able to service a particular blade server component while the blade server is installed in a blade chassis. Thus a solution is needed to make critical blade server...
    IPCOM000146902D 2007-Feb-27