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    Disclosed is a method that places a camera on the bottom of a tablet PC to automatically rotate the display when it is held in landscape or portrait modes. Benefits include improving the usability of tablet PCs.
    IPCOM000152229D 2007-Apr-26
  2. 32.
    Disclosed is a method for an adjustable pressure/sensitivity keyboard and a mouse with image stabilizing software and/or gyroscopic sensors to neutralize unwanted movements associated with hand tremors (e.g. Parkinson's Disease).
    IPCOM000152228D 2007-Apr-26
  3. 33.
    Disclosed is a method that uses parallel simulated annealing with asynchronous dynamic interaction to achieve a faster convergence speed and better solution quality while predicting 3D protein structures. Benefits include avoiding frequent communication contentions.
    IPCOM000152227D 2007-Apr-26
  4. 34.
    Disclosed is a method for measuring the dexterity of people with Parkinson's disease. Benefits include improved functionality and improved reliability.
    IPCOM000152226D 2007-Apr-26
  5. 35.
    Disclosed is a method for an electromagnetic interference (EMI) shield for flexible optical circuits. Benefits include improved functionality and improved performance.
    IPCOM000152225D 2007-Apr-26
  6. 36.
    This publications presents a novel method to test adhesion of thin films to their substrate. It is based on the well known 'Scotch Tape Test' and improves it in such a way as to obtain a quantitative result. For this, a test strip is proposed which contains several regions with adhesives of different strengths. ...
    IPCOM000152224D 2007-Apr-26
  7. 37.
    When current is delivered via an electrode into a volume conductor, the current density neural is distributed along the electrode contacts and varies with different electrode shapes, as seen in figure 7A. Contacts with discrete or 'sharp' edges tend to have very high current densities at those edges. This results in...
    IPCOM000152223D 2007-Apr-26
  8. 38.
    Inventors - Ankur Sharma IBM
    IPCOM000152222D 2007-Apr-26
  9. 39.
    Inventors - Shashikanth R Thambrahalli, Harshavardhana M Puttamadaiah, Supriya Kannery IBM
    IPCOM000152221D 2007-Apr-26
  10. 40.
    IPCOM000152220D 2007-Apr-26