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  1. 681.
    An instrument for the self-examination of the eye of a subject is described which comprises a housing including a controllable light source for selectively illuminating the eye, an optical system for projecting along an optical axis an image of the eye so illuminated, photographic film for recording the image, the...
    IPCOM000000570D 2008-May-01
  2. 682.
    The primary purpose of the present invention is to preseal a pit by adding a specially designed sealing material to the pit bottom prior to putting other materials, e.g., waste material, into the pit, e.g., a disposal pit. In accordance with the present invention a method for sealing the bottom of a pit is provided to...
    IPCOM000000569D 2008-May-01
  3. 683.
    An optical analyzer (10) wherein a sample (19) of particulate matter, and particularly of organic matter, which has been collected on a quartz fiber filter (20) is placed in a combustion tube (11), and light from a light source (14) is passed through the sample (19). The temperature of the sample (19) is raised at a...
    IPCOM000000568D 2008-May-01
  4. 684.
    The invention is directed to a simple attachment for a surgical bone cutt or osteotomy saw. The invention, consisting of a calibrated T-bar, saw blade holder assemblies, and cooling assemblies, permits two standard surgical saw blades to be attached in parallel to a nitrogen powered surgical reciprocating saw. Thus, a...
    IPCOM000000567D 2008-May-01
  5. 685.
    A fast Fourier transform (FFT) data address pre-scrambler technique and cuit for selectively generating pre-scrambled bit reversed, data address sequences needed to perform radix-2, radix-4 and mixed radix-2/4 fast Fourier transforms.
    IPCOM000000566D 2008-May-01
  6. 686.
    A means and method is described for shielding semiconductor charge storage devices from the effects of particles or ionizing radiation absorbed within the bulk of the semiconductor substrate, by providing a free carrier shield consisting of a buried layer of very low lifetime in the undisturbed material below the...
    IPCOM000000565D 2008-May-01