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    IPCOM000176914D 2008-Nov-30
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    Virtualization compartmentalizes the various software blocks into virtual machines (VM) or logical partitions (LPARs) without compromising the deterministic characteristics of legacy blocks. The VMs are decoupled from the hardware with the isolation of the hypervisor, natively residing atop the silicon. The hypervisor...
    IPCOM000176913D 2008-Nov-29
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    IPCOM000176907D 2008-Nov-29
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    Systems and methods are provided for automatically locking a computer when the authorized user thereof is no longer in the immediate vicinity of the computer.
    IPCOM000176906D 2008-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000176897D 2008-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000176890D 2008-Nov-28
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    IPCOM000176888D 2008-Nov-28
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    Disclosed is a mechanism to relocate LDAP entries that are less frequently used to an alternative database so that we improve on performance of the primary database. A directory server is an implementation of the LDAP protocol. It is basically a read-centric repository, wherein customers can store any kind of data...
    IPCOM000176887D 2008-Nov-28
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    A convention used in Twitter is the "@name" notation, used to indictate the person for whom a comment is intended. We take this notation into virtual worlds such as Second Life, and demonstrate how it could be used to physically orient conversing avatars to reflect the way in which conversation might take place in...
    IPCOM000176886D 2008-Nov-27
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    This article describes a method for a test framework setting granular timeouts against product API's to minimise the amount of time a test needs to wait against a crashed system. Thereby increasing test throughput and improving machine usage.
    IPCOM000176885D 2008-Nov-27