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    Security and privacy becomes the biggest concern for application owner to embrace cloud computing. Although cloud computing is able to save cost for both application owner and cloud owner with consolidation, however, application owner is still worrying whether cloud can protect their data generated by their...
    IPCOM000192668D 2010-Jan-28
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    IPCOM000192667D 2010-Jan-28
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    Solid state drives are much more expensive than enterprise hard disk drives. Today, users of enterprise storage systems must choose between high cost SSD drives capable of fast I/O, or slower I/O at significantly reduced cost. Customers also have to weigh having a more expensive RAID, such as RAID 10, which offers...
    IPCOM000192666D 2010-Jan-28
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    In an Enterprise Storage Server there are many spare drives placed on the system as part of the design architecture. The number of spare drives used in an Enterprise Storage Server is dependent upon the architecture of the system. These spare drives simply sit idle or unused by the server until a drive in use goes...
    IPCOM000192665D 2010-Jan-28
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    There exists data in a customer environment that must be optimized for faster writes (such as airline reservation centers or similar applications). A need exists to leverage Solid State Drives for this purpose in a cost efficient manner. As Sub-LUN optimization and other automatic tiering algorithms advance, such a...
    IPCOM000192664D 2010-Jan-28
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    A method and system for managing test execution data which is required to be shared across multiple systems is disclosed.
    IPCOM000192663D 2010-Jan-27
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    A method and system for harmonizing and consolidating business processes is disclosed. The method and system identifies commonalities and variations associated with the business processes and reduces the proliferation of redundant business processes.
    IPCOM000192662D 2010-Jan-27
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    Disclosed is a method and system for managing an invention life cycle.
    IPCOM000192661D 2010-Jan-27
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    The core idea is to feedback to a software developer who wants to use code written by other external developers whether the API (Application Programming Interface) calls present in the external code have been tested. That way the developer can choose which to use and avoid potentially hazardous code. This idea is...
    IPCOM000192660D 2010-Jan-27
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    CPU cache performance can be improved by appropriate use of cache manipulation instructions to inform the cache of information about areas of memory that the program would like to access in the near future. Addition of another simple instruction could improve cache performance further by giving the program the...
    IPCOM000192659D 2010-Jan-27