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    IPCOM000196346D | 2010-May-31
  2. 2.
    IPCOM000196342D | 2010-May-31
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    The present publication relates to a vacuum-sealed packaging of an active pharmaceutical substance which enhances its stability.
    IPCOM000196334D | 2010-May-31
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    IPCOM000196286D | Original Publication Date: 2010-May-30
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    IPCOM000196285D | Original Publication Date: 2010-May-29
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    Object relational database systems (RDBMs) enable creation of new types, functions, procedures, aggregates, and table/index access methods to extend RDBMs. A set of new objects is developed for a purpose (e.g., spatial and text search) and packaged as datablades with database products such as IBM Informix datablades,...
    IPCOM000196284D | 2010-May-29
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    A method and apparatus is disclosed identifying an unauthorized access to a disk drive. In response to identifying the unauthorized access, the apparatus physically destroy the disk drive, thereby rendering disk platters on the disk drive unreadable.
    IPCOM000196280D | 2010-May-28
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    A method for an email sender to use different aliases in ‘FROM’ and ‘REPLY-TO’ fields of an email is disclosed. The method involves verifying one or more other aliases belonging to a sender who is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) authenticated.
    IPCOM000196279D | 2010-May-28
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    A method and system for providing a common incentives tracker for multiple online communities is disclosed. The common incentives tracker manages incentives, such as reward points, user ranks, and the like received by a user from multiple online communities or social networks.
    IPCOM000196278D | 2010-May-28
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    A method and system for leveling a digital photo frame is disclosed. The digital photo frame is provided with a built-in gyroscope that measures level of the digital photo frame with respect to ground and accordingly instructs a user to level it correctly with respect to the ground.
    IPCOM000196277D | 2010-May-28