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    Disclosed is a system for controlling web page data abstraction.Many websites have very detailed information on various topics. A user might not want to go through the full information due to lack of time or interest. But the user might want to understand the abstract of the whole article. Different users might...
    IPCOM000197267D 2010-Jun-30
  2. 12.
    Disclosed is a idea to view and work with the fragments(at any level)within the UML model without loading them and any of their parent or inter-dependent fragments in the memory.This idea will facilitate to work lively with the fragments without worrying about the memory constraints.This would be very useful...
    IPCOM000197266D 2010-Jun-30
  3. 13.
    A program is disclosed by which user can arrange the recently opened document in “My Recent Document” in multiple clusters according to user’s requirement.
    IPCOM000197265D 2010-Jun-30
  4. 14.
    Problem: Often we need to copy lots of people on email with heavy attachments, who just needs to be copied for intimating about the email and do not actually require the attachment. In such instance the mailbox on server gets filled with these heavy attachments and are required to clear it or archive lots of email...
    IPCOM000197264D 2010-Jun-30
  5. 15.
    The proposed system automates the Access Control for unstructured and semistructured data and provides mechanism that makes possible to make the access control decision on the fly based on the weights computed of the document/data to be protected and weight of the subject(or role) requesting the access to the...
    IPCOM000197263D 2010-Jun-30
  6. 16.
    Unit testing in the present development scenarios has been a separate entity from the main stream of code. The code and unit test are not mutually independent. Current unit testing frameworks separates unit testing from code. It has following drawbacks – 1 Need to maintain unit testcases and main stream code...
    IPCOM000197262D 2010-Jun-30
  7. 17.
    Authors: Deepak Vijh, Kuldeep Jain, Nikhil Mayaskar, Nishant Tiwari, Nitin Chaturvedi, Rajanikant Malviya, Varun K Mishra. Disclosed is a system and mechanism within Automation Test Tool (ATT) which enables testers associate different but logically related GUI Controls in a way such that ATT treats this group of...
    IPCOM000197261D 2010-Jun-30
  8. 18.
    Abstract Disclosed is a system and method to improve the performance of load command. This invention is to overcome the limitations of database load command and improve its performance by reducing database down time.
    IPCOM000197260D 2010-Jun-30
  9. 19.
    An idea is disclosed that aims at achieving Enhanced Granular RBAC.
    IPCOM000197259D 2010-Jun-30
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    Affinity of a process to its allocated memory is required to ensure the execution of the process completes in the shortest possibile time. However, due to virtualisation more and more applications are being consolidated on a physical server. This makes it difficult for the hypervisor to ensure memory affinity for...
    IPCOM000197258D 2010-Jun-30