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    Global Mirror (GMIR) is a consistent extended distance data replication technology. Volumes are grouped into a consistent session and snapshots of the session are taken at desired intervals. This consistent volume data is then drained over to a remote location via Global Copy relationships. Once the consistent data...
    IPCOM000197247D 2010-Jun-29
  2. 32.
    Portable tool that includes the Y-axis home flag which can be positioned at different positions in a stackable, modular tape library for aiding in troubleshooting and isolating problems. Used in a tape library that has the Y-axis home flag positioned on the bottom-most module's base plate and that teaches in the...
    IPCOM000197246D 2010-Jun-29
  3. 33.
    Dispersions of Cellulose Esters in Elastomers
    IPCOM000197244D 2010-Jun-29
  4. 34.
    In current generation SoCs/IPs, many asynchronous clock domains & several digital pulses/signals get transferred from one clock domain to another clock domain. Synchronizer circuits are used for synchronizing signals from one clock domain to another. There are challenges in the design of synchronizer circuits to meet...
    IPCOM000197243D 2010-Jun-29
  5. 35.
    High performance requirement for modern IC's forces more aggressive design techniques, including pulse-FF usage for critical timing paths.
    IPCOM000197242D 2010-Jun-29
  6. 36.
    A computer method to improve argon recovery by controlling an oxygen-enriched process stream sent and condensed in argon column condenser.
    IPCOM000197241D 2010-Jun-29
  7. 37.
    Described is a device to extend the thermal operation envelope of portable electronic devices when docked.
    IPCOM000197240D 2010-Jun-29
  8. 38.
    Disclosed is a system of vertically mobile cooling and computing tiles for use in a data center installation.
    IPCOM000197239D 2010-Jun-29
  9. 39.
    Described is a method of modeling real-time characteristics of energy sources in a provisioning application's data center model to minimize CO2 emissions.
    IPCOM000197238D 2010-Jun-29
  10. 40.
    Disclosed is a method to form a thermal interface material structure that permits adequate compression to a desired bond line thickness without exceeding component compressive force limits. Moreover, this method enables rework of the mated structures without damage to components arising from excessive tensile...
    IPCOM000197237D 2010-Jun-29