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    IPCOM000199323D 2010-Aug-30
  2. 42.
    A method and system for reducing interrupts overhead in dynamic instrumentation of applications is disclosed. A trampoline is defined to save a breakpoint instruction, an original instruction and a jump instruction. Thereafter, the trampoline is copied to a non-shared per-process memory space so that the...
    IPCOM000199322D 2010-Aug-30
  3. 43.
    A method and system for cataloging presentation slides is disclosed. The method and system enable a user to catalog (hereinafter referred as bookmark) a slide or a set of slides of a presentation in an organized fashion. A bookmark assists a user to quickly access a slide which is bookmarked when the user is...
    IPCOM000199321D 2010-Aug-30
  4. 44.
    Many a times, in Testing scenarios, we are required to launch the same application ( eg: Rose RealTime) from different systems with different Operating systems viz: Solaris 7,8 etc , RH Linux 7,8,9 etc. So, there is a possibility that we end up with 4 or 5 terminal windows and equal number of application windows.
    IPCOM000199320D 2010-Aug-30
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    Disclosed is a system and method for creating a knowledge-based Subscription Agent web service that provides a novel subscription messaging model in topic-based publish/subscribe messaging systems on a Web services platform. In publish/subscribe messaging system, if consumer sends a subscription request for a...
    IPCOM000199319D 2010-Aug-30
  6. 46.
    A method and system for optimizing resource availability by balancing an incoming workload and skill sets using pooling is disclosed. The method includes developing one or more pools of resources with common skill sets to perform a particular task. The method further includes matching an incoming workload to...
    IPCOM000199318D 2010-Aug-30
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    This invention describes the way to display the internet site content in different languages for each URL/site. This method is applicable for both internet sites which uses ‘Accept-Language’ or ‘navigation.language’ to determine the language of the content.
    IPCOM000199295D 2010-Aug-30
  8. 48.
    Disclosed is a method for migrating the virtual tape data to the remote site.
    IPCOM000199294D 2010-Aug-30
  9. 49.
    This disclosure mention the mechanism that makes automatic answering enable to call center guidances.
    IPCOM000199293D 2010-Aug-30
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    With information industry development, more and more softwares are developed for improving human efficiency and build smarter planet. These softwares' quality are one of the essential factors to impact reality's productivity. How to ensure software's high quality with less workload and less labour? The exact answer is...
    IPCOM000199292D 2010-Aug-30