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  1. 41.
    Client web application makes a single request to a server in order to track changes that might have happened since the user navigated away. This enables the user to use the browser back button and not be affected by cached data.
    IPCOM000206519D 2011-Apr-28
  2. 42.
    This invention discloses a method that records all operations in a device during the phase when the software application protecting those operations is not running in its full efficiency. The recorded operations can be proactively checked for potential security threats when the software application is recovered.
    IPCOM000206518D 2011-Apr-28
  3. 43.
    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Endpoint is supposed to monitor data outbound channels, e.g. USB, FTP or CD/DVD. But a class of applications makes it hard to monitor outbound data because data is sent either in encrypted form or custom encoding. The proposed idea is to monitor such applications' user input (keyboard...
    IPCOM000206517D 2011-Apr-28
  4. 44.
    In enterprise compliance solutions, a server, which runs job on agents, has to be informed of job status so that the results can be pulled from agents. The server polls agents regularly to get status updates & causes huge overhead on the network bandwidth usage and processes running on server. This invention aims at...
    IPCOM000206516D 2011-Apr-28
  5. 45.
    Devices have been built to control fluids with certain specific gravities from flowing into wellbores. As showed in the figure 1, the unique features of this invention are a couple of balls which are trapped between the ICD Housing and the Base Pipe. The specific weight of the balls is designed to be lighter than...
    IPCOM000206515D 2011-Apr-28
  6. 46.
    Disclosed is a method to, within User Interface (UI) engines such as portals and mash-ups, take advantage of z-order overlapped rendering to build composite widgets. Resulting composite widgets are easily reused for future applications or used as building blocks for more complex widgets.
    IPCOM000206514D 2011-Apr-28
  7. 47.
    Disclosed is a method for displaying design levels in a layout editor based on the ground rule violations.
    IPCOM000206513D 2011-Apr-28
  8. 48.
    A device to be installed onto, or integrated into, packers with penetrations for hydraulic lines where fluid is only to flow in 1 direction. The back check would prevent the flow of fluid thru the packer or the hydraulic line routed thru it in the event of a leak due to a broken line, a faulty connection, or other...
    IPCOM000206512D 2011-Apr-28
  9. 49.
    Proposed is a method for deploying a conventional gravel pack or frac pack system with the formation isolation valve positioned above the sand control packer as opposed to in between the sand control packer and screens. Certain types of isolation valves, such as ball valves, are typically positioned within a gravel...
    IPCOM000206511D 2011-Apr-28
  10. 50.
    A device to filter specific sized debris from chambers within a downhole oil tool. Filter rings provide a labyrinth to filter debris in fluid and allow flow. The Slurry Debris Exclusion Filter contains a Piston Body, multiple Filter Rings, and Anti-Rotation Pins. The Piston Body contains machined grooves in the OD to...
    IPCOM000206510D 2011-Apr-28