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    For IEC61850-compatible devices, due to interoperability reasons, it is required that the actual IEC61850 types (LN types, DO types, DA types) are described in a corresponding SCL file. Each such type must be assigned an id to distinguish and identify the types. Today's typical approach is to explicitely maintain the...
    IPCOM000210379D 2011-Aug-31
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    Distribution of cryptographic keys to communication devices is a security critical operation. Any eavesdropping or tampering on the key transmission undermines the security objective. This invention concerns a method to improve flexibility and security of key distribution. It is particularly suitable for wireless...
    IPCOM000210378D 2011-Aug-31
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    With the growing number of internet connected devices many applications are now providing services where notifications about that application or service can be sent direct to your device. Many of these devices provide access to the same applications and in doing so also provide access to the same notification...
    IPCOM000210377D 2011-Aug-31
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    A crawler tractor sprocket includes replaceable sprocket segments, each including a plurality of teeth and defiing an interior annular keyway joined to an adjacent, conically-shaped annular rim segment, with the keyway receiving an annular key and the rim engaging a complimentary shaped conical rim of a...
    IPCOM000210376D 2011-Aug-31
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    La présente invention se propose d’utiliser les informations émises par une radio FM RDS et d’offrir plus de services à l’utilisateur / conducteur d’un véhicule automobile équipé d’une telle radio, mais uniquement lorsque celui-ci les sollicite. Outre le fait de filtrer les informations en ne présentant par défaut que...
    IPCOM000210375D 2011-Aug-31
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    L’invention propose de se passer desdites vis de fixation des circuits imprimés. La plupart des circuits imprimés compris dans les boîtiers de calculateurs automobiles comportent des moyens d’évacuation de la chaleur, appelés « trottoirs thermiques ». Ces « trottoirs thermiques », très souvent implantés sur les bords...
    IPCOM000210374D 2011-Aug-31
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    L’invention concerne un dispositif de compensation de la puissance émise par une télécommande d’accès d’un véhicule automobile. L’invention propose d’intégrer dans le badge électronique un dispositif de compensation de la puissance RF émise par l’antenne lorsque cette dernière n’est pas orientée dans la direction où...
    IPCOM000210373D 2011-Aug-31
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    A method and system for testing websites efficiently in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is disclosed. The testing of websites is performed by identifying descriptions of targets during recording by an IDE.
    IPCOM000210372D 2011-Aug-31
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    A method and system for providing a virtual application stock market.
    IPCOM000210371D 2011-Aug-31
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    A method and system for dynamically placing brand ad and banners in a video stream is disclosed. The method introduces an exchange model wherein the advertisers can compete in an auction for frames in the video stream to be replaced by the advertisers brand ads or banners.
    IPCOM000210370D 2011-Aug-31