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    A file URI identifies an object (a "file") stored in a structured object naming and accessing environment on a host (a "file system"). The URI can be used in discussions about the file, and if other conditions are met it can be dereferenced to directly access the file.

    IPCOM000249347D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Feb-01
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    There are currently several Source Address Validation Improvement (SAVI) documents ([RFC6620], [RFC7513], and [RFC7219]) that describe the different methods by which a switch can discover and record bindings between a node's IP address and a binding anchor and use that binding to perform source address validation. ...

    IPCOM000249346D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Feb-01
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    There is an unmet commercial need to thicken disinfectants containing quaternary ammonium surfactants such as benzalkonium chloride and didecyldimethylammonium chloride for trigger spray and bucket-dilutable applications. The currently available anionic rheology modifiers are not suitable for this application due...

    IPCOM000249345D | 2017-Feb-17
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    This disclosure relates to methods of improving enzyme performance in a detergent composition, comprising these improvements and methods of using the compositions.

    IPCOM000249344D | 2017-Feb-17
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    Determining whether somebody entered a building can be useful for several reasons such as targeted ads, display of welcome messages with information about the building, security concerns. This idea describes a system that uses existing personal and company’s technical infrastructures such as a phone and WiFi,...

    IPCOM000249343D | 2017-Feb-17
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    A set of Media Access Control (MAC) commands provide device alive status of LoRaWAN® Class A end devices to a network server. This enables network administrators to confirm whether Internet of Things (IoT) devices/sensors are still operating normally, even if the IoT devices do not have transmissions to send over...

    IPCOM000249342D | 2017-Feb-17
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    IPCOM000249341D | 2017-Feb-17
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    A dynamic way for users to negotiate the start of a phone call with a company, in real-time, via a smartphone app.

    IPCOM000249340D | 2017-Feb-17
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    It has been discovered that certain BGP Path Attribute values have been used in BGP implementations that have been deployed in the wild while not being assigned by IANA for such usage. Unregistered usage of BGP Path Attribute values can lead to deployment problems for new technologies.

    IPCOM000249339D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Feb-01
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    BGP [RFC4271] implementations typically support a routing policy language to control the distribution of routing information. Network operators attach BGP communities to routes to associate particular properties with these routes. These properties may include information such as the route origin location, or...

    IPCOM000249338D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Feb-01