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    IPCOM000250049D | 2017-May-23
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    IPCOM000250048D | 2017-May-23
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    IPCOM000250047D | 2017-May-22
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    IPCOM000250046D | 2017-May-22
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    IPCOM000250045D | 2017-May-22
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    During the pre-flight procedures, aircraft pilots manually enter data into the airborne equipment such as Flight Management System (FMS). The data that has to be entered into the airborne equipment is provided by multiple agencies. This data include flight plan, aeronautical information and other aircraft related...

    IPCOM000250044D | 2017-May-22
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    The MRT record format [RFC6396] was developed to provide researchers and engineers a means to encapsulate, export, and archive routing protocol transactions and RIB snapshots.

    IPCOM000250043D | Original Publication Date: 2017-May-01
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    In production reality SaaS cloud services work on complicated structures and combine many kinds and number of middleware instances.

    Cloud user cannot himself resolve performance issues related to some specific operations, which depend on many, mostly indirectly related processes, which work on different...

    IPCOM000250042D | 2017-May-19
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    The invention is applicable for IT environments where the individual software applications are distributed across multiple servers that are organized in a computing cluster. Examples of such clusters are a z/OS SYSPLEX or a cluster of Linux or AIX servers.

    The invention claims a method to reconfigure...

    IPCOM000250041D | 2017-May-19
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    In the present invention, an electronic device is configured to have two VRAM pages.

    When the electronic device detects the start of a Japanese conversion operation in a window, the electronic device inhibits updates on the data of the window in which a Japanese input operation has been started in the VRAM...

    IPCOM000250040D | 2017-May-19