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    IPCOM000250497D | 2017-Jul-25
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    IPCOM000250496D | 2017-Jul-25
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    IPCOM000250495D | 2017-Jul-25
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    IPCOM000250494D | 2017-Jul-25
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    Aspects of the disclosure described herein are directed to an annular sealing assembly. For purposes of illustration, the present disclosure will be described with respect to a free turbine engine. It will be understood, however, that aspects of the disclosure described herein are not so limited and that the...

    IPCOM000250493D | 2017-Jul-25
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    In one example implementation, each capture by the IO camera generates a single view containing a fixed mesh, e.g., 3D contour image, with a unique identifier (ID). In this case, scan history review and roll back function can be performed using IDs. In one case, scan history can be done by hide and/or show some...

    IPCOM000250492D | 2017-Jul-25
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    Technical contribution: Minor

    Length of time the claimed invention is expected to be used: < 5 years

    Evaluator questions from disclosure POU8-2016-0060 at time of final decision 21-Jun-2016

    IPCOM000250491D | 2017-Jul-25
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    A node recognizes a power outage notification (PON). If the PON is sent by the node's parents, the node may quickly reselect novel parents. This may accelerate network convergence and avoid relaying a power restore notification (PRN) received from the removed parents along an invalid path. A downward route...

    IPCOM000250490D | 2017-Jul-25
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    In this paper, we propose a solution that can enable open architecture RTU system. Hardware and software can be sourced from different suppliers but they can be integrated as one single unit. The proposed solution – open architecture system, significantly reduces the cost of life cycle management and obsolescence...

    IPCOM000250489D | 2017-Jul-25
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    Techniques are provided to permit a cable operator to easily daisy-chain the alternating current power distribution from one service group to the next by using a single outdoor passive unit. This is especially relevant for fiber deep Node+0 networks with highly segmented service groups (as compared to traditional...

    IPCOM000250488D | 2017-Jul-25