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    IPCOM000250467D | 2017-Jul-23
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    Disclosed are specific sunscreen formulations for sweat prevention and reduction

    IPCOM000250466D | 2017-Jul-21
  3. 33.

    A device to improve the flow characteristics of oil well fracturing pump suction headers at low flow rates to reduce pump sand- outs. Reducing sand-outs reduces downtime on jobs. In addition possible equipment damage is eliminated. The device is designed to be easily removed for higher flow rate pumping...

    IPCOM000250465D | 2017-Jul-21
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    The invention relates to a close out mechanism, and more particularly to two embodiments of the blade root close out mechanism without using riveted or bolted method. The hub has a supporting part around a hatch and near a blade root. The close out mechanism comprises a hatch assembly and four attaching parts...

    IPCOM000250464D | 2017-Jul-21
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    IPCOM000250463D | 2017-Jul-20
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    Disclosed is a design to integrate a pin straightening mechanism into an Integrated Circuit Board (ICB) connector to allow the straightening of the pins of the connector when it is actuated.

    IPCOM000250462D | 2017-Jul-20
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    Disclosed is an efficient method for hierarchical access control using a Relational database management system (RDBMS) as the Access Control Lists (ACL) data store for application specific object operations and attribute operations.

    IPCOM000250461D | 2017-Jul-20
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    IPCOM000250460D | 2017-Jul-20
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    Introduce a new node designation in the AFM cache called the “gateway controller”. The gateway controller node can never be a gateway node itself.

    Business value:

    1. Solving the problem using gateway controller helps to handle a highly active application in AFM without the need to add...

    IPCOM000250459D | 2017-Jul-20
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    IPCOM000250458D | 2017-Jul-20