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    A browser plugin is provided that searches a web page for security content (e.g., Internet Protocol address, email address, etc.) and highlights the text. The user selects the workflow and the highlighted information is sent to the next tool in the workflow creating the pivot.

    IPCOM000250457D | 2017-Jul-19
  2. 42.

    A framework for integrating a Sign language to speech and Speech to sign language translation system with Recommender System Techniques. The latter are adopted to address the highly inflected characteristics of sign languages, supplementing the recognition algorithms with contextual information.

    IPCOM000250456D | 2017-Jul-19
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    IPCOM000250455D | 2017-Jul-19
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    IPCOM000250454D | 2017-Jul-19
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    IPCOM000250453D | 2017-Jul-19
  6. 46.
    IPCOM000250452D | 2017-Jul-19
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    A PIN to unlock a mobile device can be represented in a two dimensional graph as edges and number. This is easy to capture with naked eye. This solution adds a third dimension with the existing two dimensional PIN in such a way that the third dimension is not visible to the naked eye. The third dimension mentioned...

    IPCOM000250451D | 2017-Jul-18
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    IPCOM000250450D | 2017-Jul-18
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    Various path-based Virtual Network Identifiers (VNI) allocations are presented herein. In a pure decapsulation case (e.g., Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN) to Internet Protocol (IP) address), path-based VNI allocation is made on a per logical outgoing interface basis. In the case of VXLAN to VXLAN...

    IPCOM000250449D | 2017-Jul-18
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    The next generation carboxy elastomer is a new alternative to the silicone elastomer technologies available on the market, featuring extended wear properties and comfort wear. While being similar to the first generation in areas of flexibility, organic compatibility and rheology modification, it showed improved...

    IPCOM000250448D | 2017-Jul-17