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    Disclosed is a system that works with existing augmented reality (AR) devices to generate a dynamic social graph view and provide more information to the user.

    IPCOM000250447D | 2017-Jul-17
  2. 52.

    The invention discloses devices, systems and methods for a modular power supply box for a lighting fixture. A power supply box is made of two parts, a base and a cover that are modular and extendable by joining similar sections. The base includes a repetitive pattern of features that are used to hold a clipping...

    IPCOM000250446D | 2017-Jul-17
  3. 53.

    The invention discloses devices and methods of snap-on fasteners for tool-less entry of outdoor luminaire with additional design features for grounding using the fasteners. The invention converts a standard hardware screw to a tool-less fastener by providing novel snap-on head designs which can convert a standard...

    IPCOM000250445D | 2017-Jul-17
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    Described are O/W emulsions for pharmaceutical use, personal care and/or cosmetic use which present the ability to transform into an oil during their application on the skin with a release of the hydrophobic dispersed phase. This innovative type of texture is called Cream-to-Oil technology. These compositions...

    IPCOM000250444D | 2017-Jul-17
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    Afin d'obtenir une surveillance plus efficace des véhicules recherchés (volés par exemple), il est proposé d'utiliser les caméras embarquées des véhicules, que ce soit des caméras de recul ou des caméras de vision 360° des véhicules autonomes. Ces dispositifs, qui sont habituellement destinés à une toute autre...

    IPCOM000250443D | 2017-Jul-17
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    In today's PCB, there are more and more components. In automotive field of application for instance there are also more and more antennas for communication purposes. Such a complex configuration leads to the increase of the need of shielding pieces, especially for EMI protection. The problem that is faced is the...

    IPCOM000250442D | 2017-Jul-17
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    When one IPv6 node has a large amount of data to send to another node, the data is transmitted in a series of IPv6 packets. These packets can have a size less than or equal to the Path MTU (PMTU). Alternatively, they can be larger packets that are fragmented into a series of fragments each with a size less than or...

    IPCOM000250441D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Jul-01
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    IP version 6 (IPv6) is a new version of the Internet Protocol (IP), designed as the successor to IP version 4 (IPv4) [RFC791]. The changes from IPv4 to IPv6 fall primarily into the following categories:

    IPCOM000250440D | Original Publication Date: 2017-Jul-01
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    IPCOM000250439D | 2017-Jul-14
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    Knowing the composition and volume of the gaseous by-products produced when perforating is important information for rig-side safety. If the gas is allowed to vent at surface, enough noxious gases such as carbon monoxide may be created to endanger workers under certain conditions. Based on this information, safe...

    IPCOM000250438D | 2017-Jul-14