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    Solution presented allows for easy and quick detection of suspicious flows of goods. This is intended to be used by tax and law authorities to detect possibly fraudulent operations.

    IPCOM000250427D | 2017-Jul-13
  2. 72.

    This article describes a method for automatic scheduling of maintenance operations in times of low system utilization. The maintenance windows are determined without human interaction by applying machine learning techniques on a history of observed workload statistics.

    IPCOM000250426D | 2017-Jul-13
  3. 73.

    Currently controlling moisture in air path of a sidestream CO2 sensor is achieved by using Nafion tube in the air path. Due to Nafion (PermaPure brand) characteristics of balancing humidity with the surrounding atmosphere conditions, in situations where the conditions are high humid environment the air sample that...

    IPCOM000250425D | 2017-Jul-13
  4. 74.

    : This article describes an easy and cost effective way to provide quick user guidance for products, especially medical equipment. With such quick user guidance, users may be capable of using most functions by taking a glance at the user interface of the product without the need of opening the thick user manual or...

    IPCOM000250424D | 2017-Jul-13
  5. 75.

    The term Fluid Injection Molding (FIT; German: "Fluidinjektionstechnik") summarizes several special injection molding technologies using fluids, like gas or water, to manufacture hollow plastic parts, e.g. for Automotive. The invention describes the application of Hollow Glass Microspheres (HGMs), e.g. 3M's Glass...

    IPCOM000250423D | 2017-Jul-13
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    IPCOM000250422D | 2017-Jul-13
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    IPCOM000250421D | 2017-Jul-13
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    IPCOM000250420D | 2017-Jul-13
  9. 79.

    Disclosed is a system for a search engine that uses a watched hypothesis in a systematic effort to bias a search in favor of material the user has previously taken affirmative steps to flag as relevant.

    IPCOM000250419D | 2017-Jul-12
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    Disclosed are a method and tangible tool that help determine the likelihood of a cyber breach for a company located in a certain region or industry based on analyzing and correlating past historical breach data and predicting breach probability using Poisson's cumulative distribution function and provable...

    IPCOM000250418D | 2017-Jul-12