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  1. 81.

    Disclosed are a method and system to use background image patterns when encrypting images, thus adding a layer of data security.

    IPCOM000250417D | 2017-Jul-12
  2. 82.

    Weather data is one of the most safety critical feature required in an aircraft. The aircraft is mounted with multiple weather sensors which can sense the weather conditions corresponding to a flight path. Communication units are provided in the aircraft to obtain weather data from ground stations and other...

    IPCOM000250416D | 2017-Jul-12
  3. 83.

    Methods are provided to support network slicing in IEEE 802.11ax type of 5G systems. Per-slice (coupled with an enhanced per-client) proportional fair metric is defined and methods are provided to compute this by taking into account various factors such as urgency indicators for that client and slice, throughput...

    IPCOM000250415D | 2017-Jul-12
  4. 84.

    A technique for labor progression analytics and visualization is disclosed. The technique provides visualization for trend over time for patients progressing through labor and aids in delivery of key analytic drivers.

    IPCOM000250414D | 2017-Jul-12
  5. 85.

    This disclosure relates to novel polymorphic forms of Brexpiprazole

    IPCOM000250413D | 2017-Jul-12
  6. 86.

    Hierin wird ein Flüssigkeitsfilter mit einem Spangenverschluss beschrieben. Der Spangenverschluss hat einen spangenförmigen Stützkörper, der am Filtertopf oder an einer zum Filtertopf weisenden Unterseite des Filterelements schwenkbar gelagert spangenförmiger ist. Einenends weist der spangenförmige Stützkörper an...

    IPCOM000250412D | 2017-Jul-12
  7. 87.

    Disclosed are a system and method to provide a braille based understanding of the visualization of plot elements along a sequential graph for a book. Unique braille based tactile entries represent the key concepts for visualization.

    IPCOM000250411D | 2017-Jul-12
  8. 88.

    Disclosed are a method and algorithm to calculate rogue cloud application activity and related user risk in an organization. The method extends current definitions of rogue activity to include access to approved applications via unapproved means and provides an algorithm to calculate rogue activity and user risk...

    IPCOM000250410D | 2017-Jul-12
  9. 89.
    IPCOM000250409D | 2017-Jul-11
  10. 90.
    IPCOM000250408D | 2017-Jul-11