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  1. 21.

    Introduce a detachable labyrinth seal to ensure no damage to spacer arm and spools.

    IPCOM000250676D | 2017-Aug-18
  2. 22.

    The main idea of this disclosure is using graded activated alumina or any other suitable adsorbent to both achieve uniform flow distribution and trace water removal from the feed gas. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study shows a uniform flow distribution could be achieved through multiple layers of balls of...

    IPCOM000250675D | 2017-Aug-18
  3. 23.

    This solution applies a reverse strategy to quantify the carbohydrate of a meal in the daily diet of a user, for example by a hydrogen breath test (prior art), classify the recipe of each meal the user once had according to the predetermined target carbohydrate quantity into healthy/neutral/unhealthy categories and...

    IPCOM000250674D | 2017-Aug-18
  4. 24.
    IPCOM000250673D | 2017-Aug-18
  5. 25.

    셀룰라이트의 미용적 치료를 위한 비독성 및 생분해성 해법은 원적외선 방출석이 그 안에 혼입되어 있는 폴리머 입자를 포함하는 화장료 조성물의 사용을 기초로 한 것이다.

    IPCOM000250672D | 2017-Aug-18
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    IPCOM000250671D | 2017-Aug-18
  7. 27.
    IPCOM000250670D | 2017-Aug-18
  8. 28.
    IPCOM000250669D | 2017-Aug-18
  9. 29.

    A parasitic capacitance cancellation architecture for capacitive touch sensing system is able to compensate the nonideality of touch sensors and improve sensitivity. The architecture uses subtraction circuitry that removes the DC content of the signal which is contributed by parasitic capacitance in order to allow...

    IPCOM000250668D | 2017-Aug-18
  10. 30.

    Crystallization of Apremilast to get particle size D90 less than 50 µm.

    IPCOM000250667D | 2017-Aug-18