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  1. 41.

    A Self-Retracting Anchoring Mechanism is disclosed.

    IPCOM000250656D | 2017-Aug-16
  2. 42.

    In this document, the 'blockchain' technology is being integrated with an overlay networking technology 'VXLAN', not only to enhance the operation of VXLAN by adding a control-plane component to it, but also to extend its working domain beyond the boundary of a local Data Center (or even a huge public cloud). VXLAN...

    IPCOM000250654D | 2017-Aug-16
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    IPCOM000250653D | 2017-Aug-16
  4. 44.

    A technology for virtual marker for mobile c-arm systems is disclosed. The technology provides to draw on the c-arm workstation monitor without using a physical marker. The technology is able to draw on the monitor by using a monitor touchscreen and keeps the drawing on the monitor by overlapping the drawings with...

    IPCOM000250652D | 2017-Aug-16
  5. 45.

    A vision-based smart patient health monitoring system is disclosed. The software helps in automatic patient analysis for remote ICUs (intensive care unit). The software provides facial recognition and smart people flow monitoring, smart sleep monitoring and alert system, smart detection of uneasy movement of the...

    IPCOM000250651D | 2017-Aug-16
  6. 46.

    This invention is about a new on-line operation monitoring and transmitting system for high-voltage cable termination, which is about a passive and wireless temperature and oil leakage monitoring system. The implementation of the invention is to place a Surface Acoustic Wave(SAW) sensor of temperature and pressure,...

    IPCOM000250650D | 2017-Aug-15
  7. 47.

    In the high speed railway power system, it usually selects the single core cable for the power supply. The single core cable always has a metal sheath outside, when the current running on the inner conductor changed, the outside metal sheath will also produce voltage and current. In order to reduce the negative...

    IPCOM000250649D | 2017-Aug-15
  8. 48.
    IPCOM000250648D | 2017-Aug-15
  9. 49.

    An additive manufacturing machine is provided with a magnetic chuck to hold interchangeable build plates.

    IPCOM000250647D | 2017-Aug-14
  10. 50.

    Two useful intermediates in the manufacture of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals are presented.

    IPCOM000250646D | 2017-Aug-14